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Are You Inhaling Chlorine Fumes With Your Daily Shower?


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Although the benefits of drinking water filters are well known, chlorine filters for the shower could be even more important for your health. This is particularly true of people who suffer from asthma, allergies or from sinus problems. No matter whether you have these ailments or not, chlorine shower head filters can be of benefit to anyone.

The reason for this is that during a shower the pores of your skin open up to absorb higher amounts of chlorine than you could obtain in a day by drinking water. Estimates have it that you would have to drink nearly 50 glasses of unfiltered tap water a day in order to absorb as much of the chemical as is absorbed through your pores during your daily shower. Chlorine filters for the shower though, block out nearly 100% of the harmful chemical.

Due to the extremely irritating effect of chlorine vapors on the respiratory system, doctors are recommending chlorine shower head filters for their patients. People who suffer from asthma can be affected by contact with chlorine at levels such as those at an indoor swimming facility, thereby triggering an attack.

The affect of absorbing high levels of chlorine through steam however, irritates the condition even more. Chlorine vaporizes faster than water, allowing nearly 100% of the chemical to remain as steam as compared to only about 4% of the actual water.

There was a time when doctors would recommend a sauna or steam bath to patients with various respiratory illnesses, to alleviate the symptoms. This has been found to be very unwise, unless you have chlorine shower head filters or a whole house filter.

Chlorine is basically a bleaching agent, so what is happening is that you are inhaling bleach fumes into your lungs. Chlorine filters for the shower protect you by removing these chemicals before they reach the air that you breathe.

Inhaled chemicals are absorbed more quickly into the blood stream than ingested chemicals are. Chlorine shower head filters prevent this from happening, by keeping the chemicals from ever reaching you. Chlorine has been linked also to various forms of cancer and other ailments, so the future health of your family depends on what you do now, to protect them.

Models come in several easy to use versions and installation does not usually require the help of a plumber. Chlorine filters for the shower can be easily obtained through most of the better water purification companies nationwide for a reasonable price. So why wait?

Ronald Frommert is a baby boomer researcher of water purification issues. Visit his site now at to get the facts on how to choose the best water purification system.


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