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Efficient and Convenient Tankless Water Heaters


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Tankless Water Heaters are energy efficient appliances that help save a lot of running cost. One among the various reliable brands available in market are the AquaStar Tankless units from Bosch.

These units do not store water like the tank water heaters in fact, heat it as it flows through its heating element. As soon as the water outlet is turned on, the current in the coils also starts flowing, thus allowing it heat the water. These heaters are categorized into two types according to the fuel they use - these include the units that use gas and those that run on electricity.

The tankless units are available in a variety of styles and designs. One can choose from units that are big enough to serve the needs of the whole house, or small point-of-use units. The whole house heaters allow a lot of water to flow at a time, thus allowing a lot of units to function at a time. For example, one can use the shower, tap and dishwasher all at the same time and get hot water in all! The point-of-use units, on the other hand, are small units that are suitable for a single sink, dishwasher, washing machine, etc.

The Bosch model 1600H, is an efficient unit that can run on Liquid Propane as well as Natural Gas. The unit features a hydro-generated ignition system that does not require electricity to start a spark. Instead, it takes energy from the flowing water to ignite. It has a modulating gas valve which helps to control the temperature of water and the pressure of the relief valve. Other features of this unit include:-

  • Easy to mount on walls
  • Lightweight and compact unit
  • Delivers as much as 4.3 gallons of water per minute
  • 2 years warranty on parts
  • 12 years warranty on heat exchanger
  • Qualifies the $300 Federal Tax Credit

Some other AquaStar units include models 2700ES, 2400E and 2400EO. To complement these units, Wireless Remote Thermostat is available at the Bosch Store. It is an easy-to-operate device that has a range of 30 meters. It has an LCD display that shows the set temperatures and the erode code.

To have a look at these efficient Bosch Tankless Water Heaters and their range of accessories, browse through the Heater Store. They have a range of Bosch Heaters including the AquaStar Tankless Water Heater to choose from.


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