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Plastic and Metal Access Panels For Walls and Ceilings You Can Hide Anything Behind Access Panels


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Introduction to Access Panels

Access Panels can be used in a multitude of situations where access to valves, plumbing and switches etc, requires simple un-hindered access without the need for security.

Access Panels are suited to domestic/residential situations, either as a new-build or retro-fit following remedial work.

Access Panels can be fitted to:

* Drywall
* Plastered
* Masonry
* Tiles
* Ceilings
* Walls

General fitting instructions for Access Panels

Reversible plastic access panels are easy to install and can be fit in minutes saving time and inconvenience. With many uses and reversible fitting options Accessible Access Panels from Trade Counter Direct can be installed at first fix creating a Flush finish or at second fix with either a Surface or Flush fixing. Made from non-corrosive ABS material our access panels are UV stabilised for inside or outside installation. Accessible Access Panels can be decorated or tiled over once fitted.

First Fix Applications:

Level the access panel frame in position and screw or nail it to the studwork through the countersunk markings. Allow space for the desired plaster, tiled or decorative thickness. It may be necessary to notch or pack the access panel frame to ensure a flush finish. With a textured surface our access panels can be decorated or tiled over to create a clean and unobtrusive finish.
Remedial or Second Fix Applications (to Existing Walls or Ceilings):
Flush Fixing

Mark around the desired position using the appropriately sized access panel frame as a template, checking for plumb or level. Cut hole slightly larger. Slide the access panel frame through the prepared hole, checking for correct size and finish thickness (packing or the use of an expanding foam sealant may be required for thin plasterboard). Apply construction grade adhesive or expanding foam to the backside of the access panel frame in a continuous bead. Slide access panel's frame through hole, press from the backside so that the lip of the frame is flush with the desired wall surface. Snap access door into place when adhesive or foam is set.

Flush Fixing Access Panel Illustration

Surface Fitting

Mark around the inside flange of the access panel for the opening. Cut a hole in the wall or plaster board slightly larger than the access panel and check for plumb and level. Apply a thin bead of construction grade adhesive to the inside flange and hold the Access Panel frame into position until set. Snap in the door when set. Remove the access door by simply prising it open with a screwdriver head in the slotted positions.

Surface Fitting Access Panel Illustration

7 uses for Access Panels

1. Wall Access - Use an Access Panel to access wires, valves, cables, conduits inside a wall or just create access to roof spaces and difficult to get to areas by cutting an opening into the drywall or sheetrock and installing an Access Panel. Perfect for home security installations and home cinema installations.
2. Ceiling Access - Use Access Panels to access vents, ducts, wiring, cable shafts, conduits inside a ceiling. Simply cut an opening into your ceiling, apply a bead of adhesive on the outer flange and press the Access Panel frame in place. Perfect for any application that requires a whole to access a ceiling.
3. Access Holes in Furniture - Access Panels are perfect for hiding unsightly wiring. Cut an opening into closets or desks, install an Access Panel, and use the pre notched knock-outs in the access door to pull through wiring.
4. Home Security Applications - Need to install a hidden valve electrical controls, telecommunication and computer wiring or home security applications. The Access Panel is your solution. Simply use the access door frame as a template to draw the size of the opening needed, use a saw to cut out the opening and insert the Access Panel.
5. Outdoor Pool and Hot Tub Installation - An Access Panel comes in handy when installing pool pump valve and pool filter related equipment. Access Panels provides easy access. Simply use a screw driver or similar, insert it into one of the door release holes and pop out the access door. The high impact ABS Plastic material of the Access Panel is UF treated and does not fade and is water resistant. A real time saver for professional installers as well as do-it-yourselfers.
6. Home Renovation Projects - Renovating your bathroom or kitchen? Need to create access to plumbing and sanitary fittings or soil and waste? Look no further. The Access Panel is easy to install and easy to use. Create a seamless look by installing the reversible access frame in a flush mount prior to building your wall. Simply nail the outer flange to the wood framing and build up the drywall to the lip of the frame to create a flush mount installation. Now you can even tile on the Access Panel door to create that seamless look.
7. Remedial work - Have you accidentally damaged a wall or ceiling or do you need to create access to new valves or sanitary fittings? Save considerably time and money by using a plastic access panel to create access or repair the damaged wall without having to completely re-plaster the wall or ceiling. Using the appropriately sized access panel simply cut out the required area of wall or ceiling and surface mount the access panel into place.

Roof / Ceiling Access Panel

Roof Access

Large Access Panels can for used for loft access , access to important piping and cabling and pipe that may need to be accessed from time to time.
Wall Access Panels

Wall Access

Wall Access Panels are completely versatile which makes them usable in countless applications including providing access to concealed plumbing, in wall switch boxes, hidden wiring and a host of other applications.

The Access Able® Access Panels are completely versitile which makes them usable in countless applications. They feature designated drill points and “knockouts" for easy wiring installations (great for alarm systems, home theater systems, CAT 5 wiring, etc. ). Avoid confusion with bundle wiring.

Replaces old rusted, kinked, missing or destroyed metal Access Panels. Usually a press-in fit.

Mounts to rough framing on new construction. Flanged nailed face down gives guide for plaster, stucco, dry wall and tile build ups.

Multiple tabs keep doors secure at any angle or on vertical applications.

Rib design keeps doors from sagging when used on ceiling Access Panel. supplying professional trade tools, site equipment, consumables and accessories to the construction trades and DIY enthusiast.

In our 30,000 square foot warehouse we stock power tools, cordless power tools and hand tools from leading brands like: Black & Decker, DeWalt, Belle, Einhell, Evolution Rage, Gyproc, Hilmor, Hitachi, Irwin, Lucas, Makita, Rothenberger, Rolson, Ryobi, Stabila, Select Products, Stanley and consumables form Henkel, Loctite, Everbuild, Laco, Rocal, Unibond and Select.

Trade Counter Direct also supplies specialist plumbing tools, abrasives, work site radios, drainage tools, plastering and dry-lining tools, gas testing equipment, video inspection cameras, first aid kits, safety products, access panels and other unique and innovative products designed to simplify tasks and save time.


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