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Wasps and Bee Extermination and Information About Some Pest Control Methods


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Wasps and bees sting to preserve their colony.

Yellow jacket species can become hostile during the fall and may sting unprovoked. There is little to eat and they become attracted to empty soda cans and anything that may contain sugar. When disturbed you will need bee exterminator service Yellow jackets, paper wasps and bumblebees can sting more than one time because they pull out their stinger and so can sting again so if stung the stinger is not left in your skin.


Fumigation is pest control that fills an area with pesticides in the form of a gas or fumigant. It is used to get rid of nesty pests in buildings. Termites and wood boring insects may need fumigation. Aerosol cans of pesticides are intentionally week for homeowner use. The total-release aerosol’s, is not effective and is a health hazard.

Fumigants are pesticides in the form of poisonous gasses. They have no place in safe pest control, so if needed get a professional. Most pests like roaches, bedbugs, rats and mice find a cracks or holes to hide in and are impervious. Some fumigants leave a harmful residue behind that is hard to clean up. The house mouse need to be trapped or bated not fumigated.


General use pesticides can be punched by the public the restricted uses pesticides are for licensed professionals only. Canberra requires all rodent pesticides to be in lockable bait boxes or in factory sealed bait stations. Bait type pesticides have their place but traps work best with house mice. We recommend pesticide bait in a locked bait boxes, they work well as an exterior rodent protection. Quality termiticide are often restricted insect insecticides.


Rodenticides are toxin that kills rats and mice. The vigorous ingredient in rodent baits is used at extremely low levels. This helps to prevent secondary poising. A cat for example may have to eat five poised mice to be affective. Mice rats and squirrels are of the order Rodent so a pesticide that kills rodents is a rodenticide it is effective rodent control measures.

Anticoagulant rodenticides

With anticoagulant rodenticides death may take a week after a lethal does. Anticoagulant rodenticides block the vitamin K cycle, resulting in inability of blood clotting. Anticoagulants cause damage to blood vessels causing internal bleeding. Bedbugs inject saliva with anticoagulants.


Attractants use pheromones and bait such as sugar peanut butter to attract the pest to a snap trap or glue trap. Attractants pose no hazard because they ensnare pests and have not poisoned.

Yellow jackets and paper wasps and bees are very defensive and will defend their colonies if threatened. Clean Sleep Pest Control Canberra bee and wasp exterminating service is ready to serve you now. .


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