Rats Still Exist In Our Midst

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There are chances that rats are sharing your home with you and if that is the case, the problem should be handled swiftly by an NYC rat exterminator. Without the appropriate pest control in Edge Water, the rats will quickly build a colony where they will nest, breed and begin to urinate and defecate throughout your home. This will be a disaster in waiting because rat urine and feces are known to carry germs and parasites that spread diseases and can aggravate other existing medical conditions. You don’t have to be a rat exterminator in New Jersey for you to identify a rat infestation in your home.

Damaged materials and holes: Rats have the habit of constantly chewing and gnawing on everything they come across and will cause damage as they chew holes through any kind of material. Check for evidence of gnawing on wood and plastic structures and especially on walls, floorboards before you can call an NYC rat exterminator. You can easily identify rat teeth marks because they are large and rough; you may also want to check for signs of sawdust or small chunks of wood around wooden structures. Be on the lookout for damage to upholstery, insulation and textiles since rats like gathering soft materials to build their nests.

Rat trails, droppings, and urine: You may not see the rats in person but you can easily see the waste they leave behind. Your rat exterminator in Edge Water recommends that you check along dark corners, in cupboards, along baseboards, inside drawers, cabinets and closets for rat droppings. You can easily identify rat droppings since they are typically half an inch or slightly bigger in size and are colored slight sheen or dark in color when they are fresh. The older droppings are normally gray and crumbling. You can identify rat urine because it appears in puddles that look like grease stains and baseboards and walls while rat trails are paw prints that can easily be seen in dusty areas.

Nests in warm dark places: If you have seen any of those signs above in your home or commercial building, you can be sure that you have a rat infestation. Even before you choose to contact a rat exterminator in New Jersey, you can easily catch a glimpse of those pesky critters in their nests. Rats will almost always nest in a dark, dry, warm space; you could easily check out in boxes, attics, cabinets, crawl spaces, stoves, dryers and water heaters as well as other places like behind furniture or near refrigerators.

The bottom line is that if there are rats sharing your home with you, you are definitely going to know and if you don’t, there are telltale signs that they leave behind for anyone to identify. Ask your New York pest control expert about other signs that will help you to identify the presence of rats so that you can keep your family safe from diseases that are spread by these rodents; call in a rat exterminator in New Jersey for your peace of mind.


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