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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs - Stop These Little Pests


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Bed bugs problems are often reported in internet news and print newspapers. People are taking this more seriously now and not just thinking bed bugs are in science fiction movies or delusions. If you check google news, there are some interesting articles in December 2008. On December 24th, the Sun Times in Owen Sound, Canada wrote about the an exterminator reporting that he is getting now several calls a week about how to get rid of bed bugs compared to one or two a month in past years. Grand Forks, North Dakota just reported that a senior complex which has had been treated twice earlier in 2008 once again has a serious bed bug problem. San Francisco has also seen a large increase in bed bug complaints. There are many New York City stories as well in 2008 on the bed bug problem in apartment buildings.

These aren't parasites like scabies but nonetheless multiply and can move throughout a whole building reaching other residents and apartment dwellers. They also can leave your body with bed bug bites as they suck your blood. It isn't always easy to diagnose the red marks as they can be similar to hives or a scabies rash. Bed bugs are brown, thin and able to get in between cracks in the home quite masterfully. Bed bugs can get into bed, waterbeds, sleeping bags, dressers and so many spots. They can be picked up in hotels and brought home or accompany the purchase of mattresses or used furniture. Some say that the banning of ddt is responsible for the increase in both bed bug infestations and scabies rash outbreaks.

Getting rid of bed bugs takes a lot of work but can be done. If you are renting, you need to contact your landlord so he can get pest control involved. If he is unresponsive, speak with others in your building before it reaches an epidemic proportion. After pest control comes in and examines the situation you will get a set of instructions regarding what you can do for home preparation yourself. It is important to follow these to facilitate the extermination. You'll get advice about your clothing, bed sheets, linen and materials in your bedroom. If they don't discuss this with you consider a different company. Re-infestation can start the whole process again. Some say that a bed bug can produce over 500 eggs a year.

Though many people want a natural remedy , it is suggested by experts that a pest control operator is the way to truly eradicate the problem. They will spray and may use steam cleaning as well to let heat kill. Putting a good vinyl cover on both the mattress and the box springs is recommended by many people. They cannot get through this unlike sheets and if there are no holes, they will eventually die. This can be a serious problem and needs to be addressed. Some people may not get bites so you cannot go by that as the only symptom.

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