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6 Things You Must Do to Avoid Mosquito Bites on Holiday


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Besides the fact that mosquitoes are capable of transmitting some rather nasty diseases, being covered in mosquito bites is very unpleasant. The intense itching you will experience from being bitten is troublesome and could put a downer on your holiday. So take note of the following 6 tips and avoid those bites.

1. Wear insect repellent. Insect repellents such as DEET work by blocking the chemical receptors mosquitoes use to locate you when they are in search of blood, so you will effectively be invisible to them. Insect repellents are available in the form of sprays, creams, lotions and wipes, and you can even choose the convenience of insect repelling wristbands.

2. Use a room spray. An insecticide room spray will clear rooms of mosquitoes. It is a good idea to spray your room before going out for the evening, as this will kill any mosquitoes that are lurking in time for you to go to bed. But remember, if you come back and open the doors or windows, more mosquitoes might come in!

3. Use a plug in mosquito killer. Plug in mosquito killers plug straight into the mains power supply, and emit a heat activated insecticide vapour, which knocks down mosquitoes. Plug in killers require impregnated mats or liquids in order to work, which are available to buy separately when they need to be replaced.

4. Burn smoke coils or candles. If you fancy a nightcap on your balcony in the evening or late at night, consider burning a mosquito smoke coil to keep the mozzies away. Smoke coils release insect repelling vapours that mosquitoes really don't like. Burning a candle that contains an insect-repelling ingredient such as citronella may also help.

5. Sleep under a mosquito net. It is especially important to sleep under a mosquito net if you are staying in part of the world where there is a known risk of mosquito-transmitted infection, such as malaria. If your net is treated with insecticide you will be protected further still, as any mosquitoes that do manage to detect you and land on the net will be killed. If you're not sure if the place you are staying is providing a mosquito net, take your own.

6. Wear insect repellent clothing. While insect repellent clothing may not be necessary for your average beach holiday, for those more adventurous people who want to go off trekking to the jungle and other less conventional places, it can be a godsend. The fabric is impregnated with a special insect repelling substance, which saves you having to mess around with topical insect repellents in a place where doing so could be rather inconvenient.

The more of the above mosquito-busting measures you can implement during your holiday the better (especially at night when mosquitoes are more active). You will greatly reduce your chances of being bitten, and you can chill out and enjoy yourself without having to bother about being a mosquito's next snack. Avoid being bitten, and avoid being bothered!

Sharon Kirby invites you to check out for more information about mosquito bite prevention measures , including mosquito nets, mosquito repellents, natural methods of repelling mosquitoes, and what to do about mosquito-transmitted diseases.


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