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Outdoor Mosquito Control Prevents Diseases


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Mosquitoes are extremely dangerous insects and are responsible for propagating diseases like malaria, encephalitis amongst other diseases. Since the mosquito grows in places where there is stagnant water and lack of sufficient light, such places should be removed. Care should be taken not to allow formation of small ponds etc, which are ideal places for mosquitoes to breed extensively. In brief, it is extremely essential to get rid of the places where mosquitoes are likely to grow in an uncontrolled way. This can be achieved by checking and preventing leakages in drainage pipes, gutters etc, which will result in the formation of small ponds and water bodies.

In case, these methods are not effective enough, use of pesticides may be considered. However, this needs to be done carefully as there are guidelines for use of such chemicals which need to be followed. List of licensed pesticides can be obtained from concerned government authorities.

If you are working in a mosquito infested area, the best way is to use clothing that will minimize the risk of mosquito bite. It is also required to protect your place of residence in such areas by ensuring proper closing of doors and windows and use of special purpose mosquito nets.

Various mosquito repellants are available in the market that can be used to minimize the risk. Some of them are electrically operated and work on the principle of vaporizing on application of moderate heat. A few oils and lotions for body use are also available.

As such, if the problem is over an extensive area, it is certainly an issue to be looked into by the local municipal body, which is supposed to undertake the mosquito prevention program in a systematic way. They have to identify areas of mosquito breeding and apply various methods for the eradication of mosquitoes.

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