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Get Rid of Ants Forever With 5 Powerful Natural Ant Repellent


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Ants can be very annoying pests, they are not easy to get rid of, are pretty resilient and there are so many of them. But do not worry, there are some easy ways to get rid of them without using chemicals. Here are five natural ant repellent that won't put you in danger form using toxic products.

1. Vinegar:Vinegar is such a powerful natural ant repellent, it will cause those pesky critters to run away from wherever you put it. If ants are coming inside your house, spray some around the doors or windows. They won't ever try to go inside your house with the odor of vinegar. You can also spray some on their nests, they won't stay there for long you can be sure about that.

2. Black pepper is another very powerful ant repellent, because they don't like it. If you sprinkle some pepper around your house and near ant nests, they won't come near your house and move away. Just sprinkle some until they are completely gone from your garden or lawn.

3. Cayenne pepper is similar to black pepper, ants just avoid it because of the strong smell. So again spray some around where you don't want to find ants and near their colonies. They will run away in no time.

4. Cinnamon is another natural ant repellent that you can use. It has a similar effect to the different peppers. You can buy it in bulk for pretty cheap and sprinkle it everywhere you don't want ants. It is a lot cheaper than getting chemicals and very effective. It won't kill them, but they will not bother you again.

5. Boiling water is a bit more brutal method to get rid of those ants, but usually works pretty well, if you can get the queen. Usually it won't be a problem if you put enough water down their nest. A few gallons of water should be enough.

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