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What Does a Flea Look Like Tips on Identifying Fleas


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Fleas are insects. They are very small but can be observed through naked eyes; once they reach adulthood they are usually 1,5 to 3,3 mm long. They have narrow bodies, allowing them to move into very narrow space. They are black to a brownish black color, have no wings and got many spines projecting backwards. Having those spines make them difficult to remove by scratching or shaking.

Fleas cannot fly, but they can leap incredible distances for such a small insect. In fact they are the worlds best leapers according to their size. They can make vertical leaps of seven inch (18 cm) and thirteen inches (33 cm) horizontally. They are very though, their body is able to withstand great pressure, usually pressing them with your fingers won't be enough to kill them.

Fleas are parasites. In other words they depend on another animal known as a host to live, without giving anything beneficial in return to the host. In fact, they even cause discomfort to the host. Fleas feed on the blood of many warm blooded animals. The two main groups of warm blooded animals they prefer are birds and mammals.

Fleas are only one of various insects that inhabit human homes. However they can be found in almost every country in every continent. Usually they will come to your home from your pets. They are not that hard to spot once they are in your house, but can be a bit harder to remove. They have always been present in large numbers, being one of the harder pests to remove.

Once fleas reach adulthood, they will try to find a host to feed on it's blood. Their bite is painless. However there will be an itching sensation around the bite, and in some cases, rashes if you have an allergic reaction. Worst case scenario, they might transmit some diseases, such as epidemic typhus and bubonic plague

Once you have been bitten by a flea, it is not very hard to find them, since they like to stick to their host. However if they are on your pet, then it might be harder to find them. The best way is to go through your pets fur meticulously and look for any sign of fleas. Once you find some, grab them with your fingers and get rid of them.

Once identified, such infestations can be treated through several methods.

Learn about flea pest control to get rid of them quickly and easily by visiting a popular website that provides tips, advice and resources on getting rid of fleas so you can avoid having your house infested with those annoying bloodsuckers.


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