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How to Kill Ants in Your Home and Garden


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You will find that ants are found all over the world and all over the world they are considered to be pests. They just seem to be able to cause such a nuisance of themselves by getting into your food and destroying your plants because they build anthills at the root of the plants and using the nutrition of the plants as their own food. There are various types of ants and all types do not live in the house. There are some types of ants which live outside the house and some live inside the house. The most commonly known ants are weaver ants, leaf cutter ants, fire ants, driver ants etc. The ants live in a colony and they have lots of unity amongst themselves. It is very difficult to drive away an ant as it has the tendency of finding out ways and means to reach the food material that it wants to carry to the anthill.

Using Pesticide to Kill Ants

As with any pest that you have on your property, you will want to eradicate the ants. There are two types of ants that invade the house. One is the black ant that lives outside the house and enters the house in search of food. These ants are harmless. The other is the carpenter ant which makes cavities inside the house which is very harmful as in the long run these cavities may cause damage to the structure of the building. So it is highly essential to eliminate these ants totally from the house. When searching for ant killer you will see that there are a number of different methods to choose from. Although pesticides can be used you need to know that they can be quite harmful to the environment and you should keep them away from children and any pets. The best way is to call the pest control department and ask them to use their pest control device to kill the ants.

Are There Any Natural Ant Killers?

If you do not want to use chemicals to kill the ants there are various things available on your kitchen shelf and on the dressing table which can kill the ants. These natural products do not have any harmful effect on the members of the house. If you see hordes of ant in the kitchen follow their trail and then fill the hole with turmeric powder, also line the entire area from the hole to the place of their invasion with turmeric powder and after some time you will find the ants have vanished. Wipe the floor with vinegar mixed in water and the ants will not enter the house. The colony can be wiped off by pouring boiling water in the slits where the ants have made the ant hill. So use the natural method and keep your house free from ants.

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How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally
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