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Why Mosquito Prevention is Necessary


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Mosquitoes are extremely notorious insects and are responsible for propagating deadly diseases such as dengue, malaria etc. An adult mosquito feeds entirely on the blood of other animals and, in the process, works as a carrier of harmful bacteria from one place to another. In order to control our exposure to the mosquito bites and to bring about their prevention, it is very important to understand the life cycle of the dangerous insect.

Since the mosquito prefers and flourishes in places where there is stagnant water and lack of sufficient light, such places should be removed. Care should be taken, not to allow formation of small ponds etc, which are ideal places for mosquitoes to breed extensively. It is found that an adult mosquito female can lay up to 25 to 275 eggs in still water that hatch just within 7 to 10 days. It is therefore necessary to ensure that such stagnant water bodies are not allowed to form.

Floating debris and other solid waste in a stagnant pond can provide ideal locations for mosquito breeding. Such objects need to be cleared from time to time. Also, one needs to regularly check and control leakages in drainage and supply pipes. It is also important to ensure that gutters and other channels are free of any blockages.

In case of natural water bodies, breeds of mosquito-eating fish can be cultured. It is a very good natural method of mosquito control and prevention and is found to be very effective in many places. As such, if the problem is over an extensive area, it is certainly an issue to be looked into by the local municipal body, which is supposed to undertake the mosquito prevention program in a systematic way. They have to identify areas of mosquito breeding and apply various methods for the eradication of mosquitoes.

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Outdoor Mosquito Control Prevents Diseases
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