Everything You Need To Know About LED Security Lights

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Every homeowner does their best to secure their homes so they can feel protected; we do our best to watch out for strangers, lock all the doors and close windows at night. There are times we will also invest in high tech security systems or even join neighborhood patrols. However, many times we forget the safety and deterring power of LED security lighting in Los Angeles. apart from being quick to install, these LED lights for home in Los Angeles have extra features such as weatherproof rating, motion sensors and battery savers to name but a few; they are a perfect way to try and improve home security and safety. The greatest question you should be answering is on how to choose LED security lighting in Los Angeles.

Brightness and lumens: When it comes to choosing any kind of lighting, brightness becomes an important factor. Some people believe that the brighter the lighting they have in the outdoor the better but this is not always the case. Sometimes when lights are too bright they can become overly strong in the contrast with the night and the result is pitch black shadows; this means that you need lighting that is softer and which doesn’t cause shadows. This is why you need to look at the lumens of your outdoor lights; you need to consider Outdoor LED security lighting in Los Angeles featuring something like 200 lumens which means it will give you the equivalent of 200 candles.

Power and efficiency: Wattage refers to the amount of power that a light source consumes; your typical LED lighting equipment for sale in Los Angeles typically consumes as much as 90 percent less energy than your typical incandescent lights. When you look at the LED lights for home in Los Angeles you will realize that the measurements are stated in a double format such that 100 watts equals 16 watts. This means that your typical LED security lighting in Los Angeles will consume only 16 watts when the standard bulb consumes 100 watts.

Outdoor lighting weatherproof rating: You want to give careful thought about where your LED security lighting in Los Angeles will be mounted; if you are going to place it up the doorway or the porch you will not need to worry about weatherproofing. However, you also want to remember that some of these places can sometimes be damp and, as a result, if you are going to be on the safe side you will want to consider LED lights for home in Los Angeles that feature water and humidity resistance. If you are going to place your security lights on the outside, you need something that will be able to withstand any kind of weather changes and long stable operation; this is where LED security lighting in Los Angeles takes the trophy, use outdoor LED rope lighting for sale, it saves energy and gives better & brighter night time lighting.

Motion detectors: LED security lighting in Los Angeles should come with an extra feature that determines when the light is turned on; many outdoor lights also come with sound sensors, motion sensors while others react to the time of the day. What you choose will be determined by your budget and preferences.


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