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Buying Pre-owned Crystal Chandeliers


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Many home and interior lighting pieces, such as crystal chandeliers, hanging light fixtures, add elegance and a radiant charm to the rooms where they hang. While only used to illuminate the entrance halls and ballrooms in Europe before, and reserved for the use of the wealthy, today you can find them across the U. S. as well.

Chandeliers have made a resurgence lately , the ever-increasing array of chandelier designs, finishes and styles have increased its popularity, which now includes such types as elegant crystal chandeliers for the dining room. traditional brass lighting with candlestick lights, rustic antler chandeliers with leather shades, minimalist lighting and many others. These types of lighting fixtures may be purchased from lighting shops; dealers and specialists, antique shops; second-hand shops; specialty stores and even in neighborhood garage sales and junkyards

How To Spot Good-Quality New Or Pre-Owned Chandeliers

Most chandelier buyers today devote greater appreciation for authenticity and attention to detail in both chandelier construction and finish, and producers of high quality chandeliers maintain strict quality control methods and testing as part of the manufacturing process.

For the lights, whether they be candlestick lights, hand molded crystal shades or pendant shades, a chandelier light should be well constructed and durable. For a chandelier's finish, brushed metal finishes and painted finishes have gained wider popularity and currently rank as top sellers. Check for any imperfections, bubbles, chips or scratches that may indicate lesser attention to detail.

In addition, chandeliers made of crystal are available in all shapes and sizes. The crystals used in these lighting pieces may be hand cut, gem cut or molded. High lead content may or may not represent good quality as lead is added as a softener to facilitate cutting and polishing. Most top-quality lighting usually contain little, or absolutely no lead.

How To Choose A Good-Quality Pre-Owned Chandelier

Choosing the correct size is vital, as a very large chandelier could overcome a tiny room while a small one installed over a long dining room table will look lost. In general, however, bigger is usually better since too often it can look tiny. In checking the fixture's width, add the length and the width of your room and use this sum, in inches, as a measure of your diameter.

For example, if your room's dimensions are 12’ x 14', you need to consider 26" wide. You may also opt to go down in size if your room is closed and full of furniture, or up a bit if it is a rather open room.

In determining a chandelier's height, remember that the higher you hang a chandelier, the smaller it looks. If you are hanging your fixture in a room with a low ceiling where it is necessary to walk under it, you might need to go smaller than the above formula suggests. For foyer chandeliers, allow for considerable door clearances and hang the chandelier so that the lowest point will be at least 7 or more feet from the floor.

In choosing the appropriate chandelier, ask yourself, “will the chandelier effectively blend into my room's existing furnishings?" They can blend with your decor or serve as a distinctive focal point in the room. Take note that a chandelier adds extra style to a room, but is considered a poor light source. It is important to note that this kind of lighting doesn't need an abundance of bulbs even if a room is big, and allow other lighting in the room to supplement a more restrained one. - Golden Age USA

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Checking the Glimmer of Crystal Chandeliers
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