The Best of the Best BBQ Debate

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There is a saying the Americans are lovers of outdoor living; this is the reason up to 85% of American families are known to fire up their outdoor Bar-B-Que at least twice monthly during the summer period. It is also a fact close to 60% use BBQs at least once a week and even more especially those that live in the warmer states. The love affair with outdoor kitchens is so great that there are new developments every day make it both fun and safe so people can continue enjoying the great barbecue flavor.

It is right to say that the love affair with the outdoor Bar-B-Que is as old as our ancestors; every time someone is lighting a natural gas grill or a charcoal grill they are simply tapping a primal memory. The best thing about BBQ is that it gives families that rare opportunity to spend time together as a unit; just about everyone gets an opportunity to gather as a family and join up in the cooking of steak on the grill or those famous ribs, burgers and hot dogs. With the outdoor kitchen you get a chance for once to forget about the fancy tablecloths, cutlery and china as you enjoy using paper plates and enjoy hand held food.

Most of us can’t remember the last time we gathered together around the regular kitchen to watch as someone got a batch of cookies out of the oven; however, you will be surprised how often we love to gather around the outdoor Bar-B-Que and watch keenly with anticipation as the food is being flamed and turned with that wonderful BBQ flavor. There is no doubt that BBQ continues to gain in popularity among Americans with a suggestion that close $200 billion dollars is spent every year on home remodeling and especially grill repairs or general BBQ service. This should give you the biggest confirmation that Americans are lovers of outdoor living and especially the outdoor Bar-B-Que.

According to simple research, one of the most popular foods during summer that is flamed on the BBQ is the hamburger and then followed by chicken. The nest one down the list is the steak on the grill that is followed by the hot dog with fish coming is a distant favorite. You will also be aware that more than 90% of outdoor Bar-B-Que chefs will marinate their meals for about an hour but in some cases for close to 24 hours. It is only unfortunate that most outdoor Bar-B-Que chefs haven’t discovered the secret of cooking sweets on their fireplace; you also need to realize that grilling fruits has a way of bringing out and enhancing their sweetness to a level that most people have never realized.

Last but not least, you want to remember that there is a difference in outdoor Bar-B-Que and grilling. Whereas grilling is done on extremely hot coals, barbeque is often don slowly and using indirect heat. Any of those less tender cuts of meat should be done by the barbeque method, which includes pork shoulders, ribs and brisket.


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The Beer, the BBQ, the Bat!
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