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Different Types of Materials and Glazes for a Green House


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Maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of the garden of your house is important to consider. The best way to have an organized, clean and attractive garden is to have a green house. This is very beneficial in protecting your plants against pests and environmental factors like wind, rain and even snow. A green house is also a great way to extend the growing season of some plants. There are just about a few things to name when it comes to the advantages of having green houses.

Making greenhouses will need some certain materials which include glazes or covers and frames. These are the two most important and basic parts in creating a green house. What you will learn here are the various types of materials and glazes for making green houses.

Frames for the Structure

Frames are very needful in the construction of greenhouses. This is the basic architectural design you are going to do first than anything else. It uses a specific material from the different types available such as wood, aluminum and PVC pipes. Regardless of the materials you are going to use, having a frame will ensure a security in building a green house.

1. Wood Frames

Wood is typically a common material used as frames in building greenhouses. Its popularity and common use is due to its cheap price and durability. In every construction, wood is typically used as a good material to build something.

2. Aluminum Frames

Frames created by aluminum are also a good option to use to build a green house. Aside from being lighter, this material for frames can last longer than what you expected. Unlike woods, this material is not rotten, warped or easily damaged. It cannot be also destroyed by pests such as termites and other insects that damage woods.

Glazes for the Cover

1. Poly and Plastic

Plastic and poly materials are well known to use in making a green house. These are transparent that makes green houses clear. This kind of greenhouse glazing is much cheaper which is another reason behind its popularity.

2. Glass

There are two types of glass used as glazes for green houses. These are typical glass and fiber glass. They are also transparent which are more durable and attractive than other glazing materials. Even the hardest rain cannot just easily damage glazes made from glass. This can surely protect plants from possible environmental damages.

Glass used as glazes for a green house is also a good material when it comes to the absorption of light which produce heat inside the greenhouse. This gives feed to plants even if there is no direct heat that comes from the sun. In most greenhouses made from glass, there is an option to open some blocks so plants can still get the heat needed from the sun.

All these various types of materials are very essential in the building of greenhouses. If you are going to create a new housing for your plants, make sure to pick up the best material that should withstand rain, strong wind and snow.

The word for green houses in Danish is Drivhuse . If you would like to buy a green house (in Danish Køb drivhuse ), visit this website. For cheap green houses (or as the Danes say billige drivhuse ), go here. The website from the links is in Danish but you can translate it with Google Translator.


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