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Common Landscaping Mistakes You Should Avoid


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Landscaping transforms our homes. A good design that is properly implemented can keep your home looking beautiful for years to come. Unfortunately, there are some people that try to do all jobs all the time. In the case of landscaping there are some jobs that you can attempt to save money while there are others that you should leave to the professionals. When you have an important job that need to be done it is generally a good idea to consult with a professional.

Knowing your limitations is important. If you are not an expert you may want to stick with only basic gardening projects before moving on to the more complex landscaping projects. Before you take on any project you need to know what you are getting yourself into. Make a list of what you will need such as tools, plants, rentals, and how long the project will take. Below I have listed a number of common mistakes armatures make.

Mistake 1: Ignoring Soil Conditions and Natural Sunlight When Planting.

One of the common mistakes a number of people continue to make is ignoring soil conditions. You need know what type of plants will grow well in your soil type and in what areas those plants will grow best according to sunlight. For more information on soil see the soil preparation page.

Mistake 2: Ignoring Future Developments

When planting new shrubs and trees you need to keep in mind how they will develop over the years. A small shrub placed near a window can soon become a permanent window shade if not kept in check. Monthly trimmings may be necessary to keep it from reaching ten feet tall. You need to understand your plants and how they will look and grow in the future.

Mistake 3: Not Planning Your Landscaping Project

A terrible mistake to make for any home is to go about your landscaping project without a plan. You probably wouldn't go on vacation without planning the details of your trip. It is no different with landscaping. Ever wonder what your yard could have looked like if you had planted a miniature tree vs. a full sized one that outgrew your yard? What if those shrubs were planted on the right side instead of the left side? Don't you think that installing a sprinkler system would have saved you hours of time in watering your yard every week?

These and many other issues such as drainage and runoff are usually addressed when you hire a qualified landscaping contractor . Be sure to consult with a professional whenever possible. There are a number of helpful online resources that you can leverage that will provide you with valuable insight.

The next time you decide to take on a new project be sure to have a well planned out yard and choose appropriate plants for your soil. Some plants will grow well in sandy soil while others will thrive in rich soil. If you need help with your next project contact one of your local nursery or landscaping contractor for advice and tips.


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