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Organic Lawn Fertilizer Better Than Chemicals


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Taking care of your grass is not every body's cup of tea. It requires lot of hard work and commitment. Organic lawn fertilizer helps to keep the grass cleaner and safer for human beings. These fertilizers have brought several new options for homeowners who want to have both green and safer lawns.

These fertilizers are slow releasing which means that they release their nutrients slowly. In this way it helps grass grow in a proper manner. As the nutrients slowly release into the soil, the roots soak them up and the result is an even carpet of grass. This is also an effective way to control the growth of weeds and they will not get any place to grow.

Soil organisms of Earth are essential for the growth of plants and equally important for grass as well. Without these soil organisms the nutrients of the Earth are of no use for the plants. Only Earth organisms break into nitrates essential elements that are very essential for the grass to grow properly. Besides this, it also protects plants from several diseases and also provides carbon dioxide for the photosynthesis process.

In today's era, human beings are suffering from the natural imbalance just because of continuous use of chemicals as fertilizers. In order to maintain this balance between organic fertilizers are best suitable. Basically, this type of fertilizer is extracted from natural origins and does not have any type of chemical that could provide harm to the surface of the earth. In fact it does not suppress grass from growing as any other chemical substances do. However, it is not only responsible for growing grass but also helps them stay vibrant and healthy.

There are several other benefits of this fertilizer; here is the list of all those benefits:

Safe for the Human Beings

The basic and the best advantage of this type of fertilizer is that it is absolutely safe for your family and animals. So, if you are unable to stop your family members or animals to play in your lawn, this organic fertilizer if the best suitable for you to keep your child and animals out of any chemical danger, it is totally natural.

It is Bio Degradable

Scientifically, the chemical fertilizers are non- bio-degradable that are affecting the surface of the Earth in very unnatural ways. Approximately every naturally occurring resource on this Earth has the capability to break down and return value to the environment. On the other hand, man-made chemicals are very hard to dissolve in the soil and usually more strong for the soil nutrients. Every man made chemical fertilizer contains several compounds that are not only originally poisonous bit also divided into multiple poisonous substances. However, organic fertilizers are totally, bio- degradable. This not only dissolves into the soil easily but also has more than double effectiveness than the chemical counterparts.

Less Wastage

It is a tendency of chemical fertilizers to kill everything that comes in contact with them like unwanted ants, dandelions. Additionally, they also kill several helpful organisms like earthworms, bees, and beneficial micro organisms. This could affect the health of the plants and grass in your lawn.

So, organic lawn fertilizer is very good for your garden.

George Kilbride is a gardening enthusiast and has written many lawn care related articles to aid gardeners get the perfect lawn and avoid costly mistakes.

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