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Mowing, Pruning and Weeding


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Mowing, pruning and weeding are regular chores for every landscape. If you're a gardener who doesn't like these chores, the simplest solution for you is to plant less lawn and fewer plants that need pruning and use mulch to deter weeds. But even if you enjoy the work, thoughtful design can make it easier. Examine your plan. Consider the following ways of reducing mowing chores. One of the biggest favors you can do for yourself is to make sure lawn areas are relatively level and wide enough to be mowed easily. Steep slopes and narrow grass strips are a headache. Plant banks and hillsides with ground cover and shrubs , do the same in shady areas or where tree roots make mowing difficult. Or create terraces with retaining walls make sure access from one to another is easy with a mower. If your bed lines make strips that are less than a mower width, widen the grassy areas.

Grass that grows net to walls, fences and trees is difficult to mow. Strip at the foot of walls, mulch the base of trees, and recess stepping stones. To make mowing easier net to planting beds, cut V-trenches between lawns and garden areas. Finally think twice before clearing natural areas. Add trees or shrubs instead of creating large spaces you'll need to mow forever or incorporate more planting beds into the landscape instead of open grass. Keep pruning to a minimum by putting the right plant in the right place. Although it's important to know how tall and how wide a plant will grow, it's equally important to know what form it will assume.

Choose plants that meet your design intentions so you won't have to prune all the time to keep them in shape. Allowing a plant to grow in its natural form significantly reduces your maintenance efforts. Other than occasionally trimming stray branches, you won't have to prune. Plan ahead so the form and size of naturally shaped plants will fit into your landscape. Space plants far enough from paved areas to allow room for growth without crowding. Also keep your pruning on a schedule that conforms to the needs of the plant a little done at the right time will save you a lot of effort later.

Albert is a experienced landscaper and would to share landscaping tips , Landscape ideas and guides on how to make your front yards and backyards beautiful and putting your ideas into plan. To Learn more about Landscaping ideas visit and read our articles about landscaping.


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