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Keeping Your Lawn Green With Minimal Work

Jeffrey Meier

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Keeping a beautiful lawn is something many of us take great pride in, unfortunately though sometimes we don't know how to keep our lawns that way unless we hire it out. If you're like most Americans who love to take care of their lawn themselves than I have some great tips to help you keeps that lawn looking great with minimal work.

First and foremost the amount of work to keep your lawn looking good depends on many different factors. One of those that many of us overlook is the soil. Soil can vary greatly depending on factors that many of us can't control. Figuring this into the equation is very important. Different soil will determine what to plant and what not to. A sandy or gravel base is mostly used for trees and shrubs where landscaping plants need well-drained compound. Lawns though are a little different kind of breed and demand nutrients and water. Lawns that were planted with great topsoil will be a lot less work for you as the lawn will grow much more evenly.

As the weather warms up you will want to make sure you give your lawn ample water and nutrients to give it the best opportunity to stay green and grow. May-July is usually the critical months for your lawn in most areas of the country. Maybe one of the biggest things that will kill your lawn is too much water. It's true we can't control rainfall, but properly draining lawns are something we can do. Always keep up on how much water your lawn is taking in, if it floods often than its time to look into your drainage system. Weeds are another thing that really is a nuisance for people and we hate seeing them popup. The key to keeping them out of sight is to start early. The earlier you spread weed killers the better off your lawn will be. Be careful especially if you have pets and kids around as some of these weed killers are toxic.

Keeping your lawn green isn't that tough when you follow simple steps that have worked over the years. One tip is every so often spread some grass seed over your lawn. You will not need a lot, but it will fill in nicely for spots that look a little low compared to others. If you have bare sports remember to cover them with a little bit of straw. This filters light from hitting the seeds all the time and better results will be what you receive. Seeds grow quickly nowadays so this trick will give you very fast improvements to your lawn.

As fall approaches many people stop taking care of their lawns. Don't make that mistake. Gather leaves up as quickly as possible when they fall, because they don't do your lawn any good as they deprive the grass of sunlight and that just makes a quicker death for the lawn. To keep your lawn something that you will be proud of doesn't take a lot of work or time. It just takes a continued approach and you will see results that make you proud.

Jeffrey Meier at Jam727 Enterprises at blog offers even more detailed information on a wide variety of topics.


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