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How to Get Green and Smooth Lawn - 4 Simple and Easy Ways


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Having a beautiful lawn does not happen by accident. You have to put time and effort into your lawn if you want it to remain beautiful throughout the year. Here are some lawn care tips to help you get the most out of your lawn.

Grass Cutting:
Cutting your grass actually helps to stimulate your grass to grow. Routine grass cutting is one of the keys to having a lush green lawn. It is best to cut your grass while it is dry. Cutting grass just before the hot part of the day isn't good for your lawn, wait and cut your grass in the evening. This gives your lawn time to recuperate during the night, while it is cool. For the health of your lawn it is best to alternate the direction you cut your grass too, rather than going in the same pattern each time.

Water your lawn on a regular basis. You should water during the cooler part of the day, actually watering at night is ideal. This way you don't shock your grass and other plants in your lawn. An automatic irrigation system works best when you are concerned about conserving water and making sure your lawn gets watered evenly. If you don't have an irrigation system available you will need to use a hose and sprinkler. You need to rotate the areas you water so that you have all of your lawn watered at least twice weekly (minimum). If you can water daily your lawn will look much better.

You should fertilize four times a year. Schedules for fertilizing your lawn need to be done by area and grass type. Once you know what type of grass you are growing you can decide on the right product to use. It is best to use a spreader when applying fertilizer, but remember not to fill the spreader while it is sitting in your lawn. Too much of anything is usually a bad thing. Fertilizer is no exception. If you put too much on you will kill your lawn

If summer heat has caused your lawn to thin you can overseed your lawn. This process helps you to have a thicker more lush lawn without having to start over completely. First mow your grass shorter than you would usually then apply the seed to the existing lawn. You can read directions on the bag of seed to find the seed rate (how much seed to put in how large of an area). While your new grass is sprouting you should water multiple times daily. After your lawn grows back in you can go back to your regular watering schedule.

A beautiful and well-planned lawn can change the face of your home. But that is hardly every thing that you can do to make your home look smarter. Your lawn coupled with intelligent landscaping can take the elegant-look of your home to the next level. And there are many ways to landscape your home like professional landscapers without spending a fortune. So keep your eyes open to exploit the full benefit from your lawn with touch of some neat and inexpensive landscaping tricks and techniques.

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