Multi-Gardens: The Latest In New Garden Design Concepts


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Alter the ambiance of your home outdoors with more than one separate type or style of garden design. These kinds of multi-gardens are very popular, and are seemingly becoming more and more popular in the landscaping designs most popular today. Gardeners and landscapers everywhere are continuously devising new ways to make gardens most pleasing to the eye. A combination of styles, whether on separate sides of the yard, or blurred by a lovely transition between them, different types of gardens can really compliment one another on your property.

The idea behind beautiful outdoor home décor is to have a sanctuary, a special place to enjoy the weather, your property, and to relax and unwind. From simplistic gardens to complex, high maintenance gardens, there are many choices both simple and delicate, and everything in between. Plan the perfect garden for you with the very best garden accessories and equipment available on the market today.

Of course, with all gardens, interior design or outdoor landscaping design, the result of your efforts should, most importantly reflect your class and personal taste. You can easily enhance your overall outdoor environment at home, and subsequently raise your ability to feel more and more at ease in such an alluring and aesthetic environment with a multi-garden. There are new, creative and impressively artistic ways to design gardens becoming popular among gardening enthusiasts everywhere – not just muti-gardens, but art and what are basically sculpture gardens, new styles of pebble gardens, and more. You can create a multi-garden in your yard with everything from completely opposite to very similar themes. It is actually somewhat like decorating the rooms of your home. If one garden is a prized, outdoor delight for you, then more than one garden could be even better.

For example, in my garden there is an upper level. This part of the yard tends to be much more difficult a place for me to be able to keep plants alive. Therefore, after a few tries, I decided to put a Japanese pebble garden in the place previously designated for what I ended up calling “the unhappy flower bed. ” This does not deter me from my floral endeavors, however. So I have a waterfall cascading alongside a staircase which leads to the bridge that crosses my shallow reflecting pool. Koi live in the water in the shade of ragged stones and small clefts under which to keep cool. Nonetheless, there are no flowers until you get to the end of the bridge. Alongside the water and climbing up the stairs is a green cascade of ivy, which is (in my experience) a plant that is the opposite of fickle.

At the end of the bridge, a blur, or transition between the flowerless water garden and the colorful display of my floral garden is eased by the porch area and garden furniture. The thick flower beds below get just enough sunlight, require a specific amount of daily watering, survive the weather, and are a lovely carpet of inviting elegance. When you know your plants, what will work and what will not, whether by trial and error or professional landscaping advice, your garden will certainly bring you a more calming ambiance overall. Lower-maintenance for the most successfully thriving plants which appeal to you is always the very best way to go.

Anne Clarke writes numerous articles for websites on gardening, parenting, fashion, and home decor. Her background includes teaching, gardening, and fashion. For more of her articles on gardening and outdoor decor, please visit, supplier of high quality Garden Tools and Patio Furniture .


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