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Kitchen Color Guide: The Timeless Beauty of Neutral Hues


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Should your kitchen’s color scheme reflect your taste and personality? We asked this to experienced kitchen professionals and the answer was yes and no.

There may be many unique colors which captivated your heart, however, the reasons for opting for neutral color schemes in kitchens are much more. Almost all kitchen design professionals agree that using neutral shades like white or gray as the foundation for your kitchen not only open up many colorful possibilities but increase the worth of the home.

Neutral Kitchen

1. The Never Regret Factor

If you opt for an evergreen neutral palette for your kitchen, it will never make you regret as its perfect both for your dream house and for resale.

Kitchen is a space where potential buyers focus a lot. Thus, although you think your red cabinets look divine, they may look dreadful to others. This can be the real barrier to get your demanded price on selling your home.

2. The Versatile Beauty of Neutral Palette

Going soft and neutral mean you have to compromise on your personal taste. Not a chance. A neutral kitchen has the maximum potential to personalize. It offers you endless opportunities to accessorize your kitchen even with a fun rug or a vase full of beautiful flowers. Texture also plays a great impact on a neutral palette. You can even change your kitchen décor inspired by season changes.

3. Neutrals Compliment Every Kitchen Size

While dark colors can make a room look small, neutrals can complement every kitchen size and style. If your kitchen is small, opt for paler hues for kitchen cabinets, walls, and countertops. Shades of white can easily reflect light and help a small kitchen feel brighter and bigger. Similarly, if you have a kitchen which open ups to other rooms, neutral colors can easily work well with the design.

4. A Neutral Kitchen Lets You Sample the Rainbow

Rater than opting a single bold color scheme, neutrals offer you include the rainbow. A multi-colored poster, eye-catching area rug, or a collection of beautiful utensils displayed on a kitchen shelf all add personality to your kitchen and you can easily change them when you want something new. Moreover, you can add pops of colors in your neutral kitchen by painting kitchen furniture i. e. chair, stools, etc.

5. Best Neutral Color Scheme

No doubt, neutral colors are versatile and timeless, but there are some combinations that look especially fresh such as warm grays and whites. All colors look beautiful in contrast with these colors and It's a beautiful modern combination that works perfectly with the ever-popular stainless-steel appliances and subway tile.

When it comes to a kitchen renovation, it is quite sensible to choose the color palette which will endure for the long term. Those of us who love colors everywhere may oppose here, but they will definitely agree we also need some soft, peaceful environments sometimes. When in confusion, it is always better to take the advice of experienced kitchen contractors as their advice based on their expertise will ensure the best results.


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