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8 Useful Tips to Stay Safe in the Kitchen

Nishant Gupta

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There is no doubt that your kitchen is the heart of your home but at the same time, it is also the same place where accidents can happen at any time. Cutting yourself with a knife, burning yourself with the fire and slipping on the floor are among the many potential kitchen hazards that you should be aware of. Below are a few safety tips to help you stay safe in the kitchen.

Keep Kids and Pets Out of the Kitchen:

As children and pets have nothing to do with the kitchen, it’s better to keep them out of the kitchen area. Even though they are very cute, they can distract you while you’re working in the kitchen. So don't allow children to enter the kitchen unless they are learning how to cook. Also, train your pets to stay at least five feet away from the kitchen.

Dress for the Occasion:

Before you enter the kitchen, make sure you’re not wearing anything flammable or synthetic as it can stick to your skin in case you catch on fire. Also, avoid wearing big and loose-fitting clothes because they are very prone to get caught in kitchen equipment. Instead, make use of kitchen aprons to keep your clothes safe and clean in the kitchen area.

Clean Up Spills Immediately:

Try to keep the kitchen floor as clean and uncluttered as possible to avoid the risk of getting slip or fall. Wiping up spills promptly will not only help you prevent accidents, but also will save a lot of your time that you spend in cleaning the kitchen. Remember, even a small amount of water, oil or liquid food can cause you a slipping hazard.

Use Knives Properly:

Be careful when using knives and sharp utensils, which can injure you in a second. Make sure the knife you’re cutting your veggies with is sharp enough and will not slip to cut you. Chop slowly until you are confident and handle knives carefully when washing up.

Always Use Kitchen Gloves While Handling Hot Things:

To prevent burns, always use oven gloves when handling hot utensils like pots, pans, or baking trays. This is especially important when you’re putting bowls into the oven and taking it out. Avoid using dish towels or makeshift items like folded napkins to handle hot things.

Don’t Leave Cooking Foods Unattended:

Even if you’re using a slow cooker, never ever leave your cooking food unattended - even for a minute. Keeping in mind that accidents can happen anytime, it’s always a good idea to never leave an oven or stove on when you are not present in the kitchen.

Never Use the Kitchen in a Hurry:

If you’re rushing around the kitchen to do something, it simply means you’re inviting an accident. So instead of running from here to there in the kitchen, remain calm and take enough time to complete a particular task. Additionally, never try to bake or cook when you’re very sleepy or under the influence of alcohol.

Always Keep a First Aid Kit in the Kitchen:

While most of the people keep a first aid kit in their bathrooms, you’re suggested to keep one in your kitchen too. Thus, you’ll be able to treat burns, cuts, and other battle wounds immediately as they happen. Just make sure the kit you have in your kitchen is stocked with up-to-date medicines and contact numbers of nearby hospitals and your doctor.

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