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How to Use Kitchen Tiles during Renovation of Kitchen

David Martin

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While redesigning a home, there are a large number of decisions to make, including how to choose or keep your existing interior decorations. This is particularly true for fixed decorations like wall and floor tiles. While changing them will provide a whole new look to the space, it is a significant investment of time and money and may be over the budget. So, presented are a few alternatives as to what to do during renovation, especially in a high traffic area like a kitchen.

First off, the tiles here take a large amount of wear and tear. Regular cleaning is important, and this is where tiles are advantageous, since they are very easy to clean, especially vitrified tiles. The convenience is a major reason to stick to tiles no matter how you redesign.

Kitchen Tiles

If you choose to not replace your tiles due to whatever reason, a thorough cleaning is the best option. You will be surprised at the amount of difference a good cleaning job makes on the appearance of old kitchen tiles. It will be as if you stepped into a new world! Sugar soap and bleach are the recommended cleaning agents, as they work well against grease and other stubborn stains commonly found in kitchens.

If you have your heart set on change however, but are hesitant to replace the tiles, there are still a few alternatives left. First off, a good paint job can make a world of difference. To the casual observer, it will look like you really got the kitchen retiled but the paint job will only cost a fraction of the amount needed for retiling. Care needs to be taken though; the tiles need to be cleaned thoroughly first to provide a smooth, even surface and the paint needs to be applied evenly to get the best appearance. If you are feeling adventurous, patterns and designs may also be incorporated into the paint job. Proper tile paint and primer should be used, as ordinary paint is not suitable. If well done, not only will the kitchen look brand new but you will have the added satisfaction of knowing it was all by your own hand.

Kitchen Tiles

Another cost effective solution is to use tile sheeting. If you are dissatisfied with your existing tiles, you can cover them with a tile sheet. These sheets are designed to adhere to tiles, to take heavy wear and tear, and also come in a variety of textures and patterns thanks to digital printing.

The final solution is, of course, to replace the existing kitchen tiles with new ones. This represents a large investment, so care needs to be taken that you are fully satisfied with this decision. Then comes the process of choosing the replacement tile. It should be materials that can tolerate rough use, vitrified of glazed tiles are recommended, with ceramic being a preferred choice. Then the patterns and colours are up to you, ultimately whatever appeals the most to you should be selected. You may experiment here, trying out patterns and colours signifying food, to help build the atmosphere in the kitchen.

Ultimately, which of these steps you choose to follow depends on your budget, and all of them are guaranteed to make you feel good once you step into your newly revamped kitchen.


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