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Kitchen Style and Design a Modern Approach to the Family Kitchen


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Once upon a time the humble kitchen was little more than an open fire with a cauldron or pot hanging over it. Meat would get roasted on a spit and when everyone had eaten the cooking utensils would be put away and the fire would be used as a gathering place for all the family and neighbours.

As time progressed and homes became bigger the kitchen became a place separate from the main living area. The living styles of the people changed as their status in life changed. As the general population became wealthier and more able to afford a larger living space and all the benefits of modern living so too did the kitchen also evolve.

From these simple beginnings sprang the modern kitchen. Now we have all the benefits of modern technology. Running water, electric cookers, fridge freezers, microwave ovens and an assortment of utensils that range from your basic boning knife to the more sophisticated blenders.

But what does all of this mean to you? Well that depends on what you want it to mean. A modern kitchen can be whatever you want it to be. Let us begin with the working triangle.

The Working Triangle.

The working triangle is the area in your kitchen where the main activity of cooking and cleaning takes place. The theory here is that you do not place any of your kitchen furniture i. e. cooker, fridge, worktop and sink any more than two metres from each other. Ideally you should be able to form an equilateral triangle from one item to another.

This is considered the most economical kitchen design. But there are other items to consider.

  • Do you want your kitchen to be open plan?

  • Do you want your kitchen to be used to eat meals?

  • Do you intend to socialise in your kitchen?

  • Do you intend to cook a lot?

  • Will the kitchen be used as a place for the family to get together?

  • Is the kitchen mainly for show?

  • Can you afford a designer kitchen?

    The answer to all of these questions will have a direct bearing on how your kitchen will look.

    The Social Factor

    For example an open plan kitchen with clean lines and a lot of chrome will appeal to those who wish to socialise a lot. It offers a very aesthetic feel that shouts class and prestige.

    On the other hand a kitchen that has a lot of warm wood, cupboard space and worktop surfaces screams practicality and suits the practical minded person who will spend a lot of time cooking, cleaning and socialising with family and friends.

    Whatever type of person you are there is a kitchen style that will suit you and your family. You need to ask the right questions first. Once you have done that the answers will be easy to find. After that it is a matter of deciding your materials and designs.


    Ed Gordon is a self-build consultant with a keen interest in Energy Efficiency and reducing the construction Carbon Footprint. He offers a specialist information service to help his clients through the build process. For more information go to and

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    Contemporary kitchen designs: the family kitchen
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