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How To Get The Perfect Kitchen With The Minimal Amount Of Effort

Harwood E Woodpecker

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The way we live in our homes has changed greatly over the past twenty years or so. We used to have our sitting, front or living rooms as the main focus of family life, where all the family would gather to watch television together and discuss the day. The front, sitting or living room also used to be where we welcomed and entertained any guests so these rooms really were the focal point of the house. But now that nearly every room in the house has a television you will generally find different members of the family scattered all over the house watching television on their own and the family not spending as much time together.

We also tend to spend more time entertaining friends and guests in the kitchen area as many of the more modern design homes are being built with larger more open plan kitchen and dining room areas, because of this a lot more emphasis has been placed on to the importance of the decoration and the design of these rooms, with a much larger proportion of peoples money being spent on appliances and furniture for these specific areas. More and more family time is being spent in the kitchen area of the home

Technology has worked its way deep into the kitchen, with many homes now having many of the latest labour and time saving appliances that only a few years ago were only just within financial reach of the richer portion of our society. To highlight this point, no longer do people just have a coffee, they have a coffee that comes from a little machine that tries to replicate the coffee that you might buy from a piazza café in Italy whereas in years gone by the kettle would go on and out would come the instant coffee in a jar.

Kitchens are really big business. So much time is taken up on television with cookery programmes and the likes that the nation feels compelled to spend as much time as possible in the kitchen trying out new recipes and appliance, which is all good and in reality is always going to create a better society than the one that was created with TV dinners.

The way we furnish our kitchens is much different now to the way we used to. A kitchen would consist of a few kitchen base units as well as maybe three or four wall units, a wooden worktop and a dining table with possibly four chairs. As we now have big open plan kitchens with work stations, islands and floating unit's things have to be different. The kitchen has turned into an area where people can sit and relax and maybe have a drink of wine whilst someone prepares the food, showing off their culinary skills. Chrome and leather bar stools are very popular at the moment and lend themselves nicely to this style of kitchen area, sitting at the breakfast bar in the kitchen and socialising with your family or guests is just what the planners and designers of this style of kitchen had in mind.

Other kitchen furniture that has evolved over the years is the humble dining table; no longer is the folding table an acceptable part of interior design. The dining table has evolved and the design is likely to involve chrome and probably glass to keep the light and airy feel to the kitchen dining area. Many of these kitchen dining areas are now being designed with big sliding windows and doors that open up to an outside patio area which gives a nice flowing feel between the inside of the house to the outside living area which the patio is slowly becoming.

When choosing kitchen furniture it is important to bear all of these points in mind to make sure that you get the most out of what is rapidly becoming the room at the centre of family life.

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Harwood E Woodpecker


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