Improve Your Drinking Water With Under Sink Water Filtration Systems


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Purified water is in higher demand than ever before, and under sink water filtration systems are a way to ensure that the water your family drinks is as pure and healthy as it can possibly be. Similar to countertop and faucet filters, systems located under the sink tie into your plumbing system and clean your water before it enters your drinking glass. There are many different options on the market. Doing some research on the various products available will help you choose a system that works best for you.

Under sink water filtration systems installed throughout your home are the most efficient and effective way to filter the water you and your family consumes. Remember that the kitchen is not the only place with a sink; you also ingest water when brushing your teeth. As such, bathroom water should be filtered as well. For the most comprehensive protection in your home, water filtration systems sink based are ideal.

Some people consider installing a system that will filter all water at the point that it enters the home, rather than installing individual systems for each faucet. This whole house filtration option is not the best choice if you are very concerned about the safety of the water you drink. This is because some contaminants in home drinking water, specifically lead and vinyl chloride, can come directly from the pipes in your home. Water filtration systems sink based will be able to filter even these local contaminants from your water.

One of the benefits of using under sink water filtration systems is that they do not take up counter space like their faucet based counterparts. Hidden behind cabinet doors under the kitchen sink, for example, this type of system doesn’t crowd the often limited space around the sink and it won’t need to be wiped off as stray splashes and food particles escape. And since under sink water filtration systems are installed in cabinets, they can be larger and contain more filtering processors than smaller countertop models.

Effectiveness, availability, and prices vary for water filtration systems. Sink systems can be compared by using data that should be provided within, on the packaging, or on the manufacturer’s website about the proven effectiveness of the filter to remove specific toxins from your water. If you can find nothing with the products that certifies the effectiveness of the under sink water filtration systems , consider another manufacturer. Companies that have designed a quality product should be proud to share with potential customers the evidence of the effectiveness of the systems they sell.

Beware, though, of water filtration systems sink based that claim to remove all biological contaminants, chemicals and minerals from your water. This may not be what you want. Trace minerals, naturally present in all water, are essential to human health. Studies have shown, for example, that people have developed mineral deficiencies and related other health problems from drinking only distilled water, which is water that has no mineral content at all.

Under sink water filtration systems are a smart choice when it comes to ensuring that your family's drinking water is clean and safe.

Martin Spencer is a health researcher who has been studying water filtration for over 25 years. He is a regular contributor to Water Filtration Guide , a site dedicated to various methods of treating and purifying water. Learn about water filtration systems sink based and whole-house on our site.


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Drinking Water Treatment Systems A Home Water Purifier is the Safest Choice
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