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How to maintain a clutter free home

Julie Lord

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Clutter creeps up and catches you unaware. All of a sudden there’s a stack of letters, a heap of rubbish and numerous piles of clothes – especially if you have kids. If you look around the room and feel stressed it’s time to declutter. Once you’re done, however, instead of letting the clutter come back, learn to maintain a clutter free home with these useful tips and tricks.

Only buy things you have to

If you limit yourself to only buy what you need, you put a limit on the things that can clutter your home. By putting a stop to impulse buying – even if it seems a bargain -you’re not just saving money but saving the time and effort it takes to declutter.

Recycle and file as it arrives

Recycling not only helps the environment, it also helps to control clutter. When the post arrives, recycle what you don’t want such as junk mail, envelopes and documents you no longer need. All the important documents, letter and bills can be filed away ready for when you need them.

Question yourself regularly

Ask yourself questions every time you come to put things away. This really determines whether or not to keep an item and is a must when it comes to decluttering and being ruthless with your decisions. Next time you’re about to put something away, ask yourself the following questions. Will I ever use this again? If I lost this would I care? Does this have sentimental value? Would I buy this again?

Make sure everything has a place

Every time you get something new or use something make sure it has its own personal space and be proactive at putting it away. This is a must in order to stop clutter in its tracks. By building these good habits clutter won’t suddenly start to appear. Get the family to be proactive too, and remind everyone about putting their belongings away as soon as they get home, or hand out jobs to little helpers. One great tip is to store items where you actually need and use them; it also makes them easier to put it away.

Have a occasion/seasonal clear out

One great way of getting rid of thing you no longer want and need is to have a clear out before birthdays and Christmas and any other occasions where you or the kids receive gifts. Getting rid of unwanted toys and gifts makes way for new ones, reducing the amount of nonessential items and protecting your clutter free home.

Make a few extra pounds

Everyone wants to make a few extra pounds and by selling your unwanted items you can do just that. Gather together unwanted toys, clothes, books, ornaments and any other bits you find and sell them. Perhaps do a car boot sale or use different apps and social media to sell. If you know you can make money from things you don’t actually need, it makes it far less likely you’ll keep them hanging around.

It’s easier than you’d think to maintain a clutter free home if you use the tips above, but if you simply do not have the space store all of your belongings at home then compare self storage deals and find yoursefl a cheap self storage unit near you home that you can use as your own personal overflow space. It will certainly make your home look much better, feel more spacious and make your like calmer and more organised.


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