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Declutter Your Bathroom Easily With These Amazing Tips

Julie Lord

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Bathrooms can become very cluttered. Here we look at some amazing and easy tips to help you declutter your bathroom and get it looking fresh and beautiful again.

The bathroom is often neglected, getting cluttered and chaotic because it is such a practical space.

If you want to reclaim your beautiful bathroom and banish the clutter forever, follow these easy but amazing tips:

Get Yourself Set Up To Declutter

Decluttering a bathroom can be much harder than people often realise. It can be difficult to realise how much stuff is stored in there, especially if you have lots of storage. Children's toys, makeup, medicines, cleaning products, hair products, towels and flannels are just some of the items commonly find in any bathroom. To get yourself set up to declutter you will need to get yourself four bin liners or boxes set up and label them as –

? Keep

? Put into storage

? Give away

? Throw in the bin

Having four bags or boxes labelled will make your decluttering much faster.

Categorise what you are storing, keeping or giving away

It is important to categorise what you are storing, giving away and keeping so you don't end up in this mess again. For example, you might want to separate toiletries from makeup, and you might want to keep a bag of half used products you know your friends or family might like separate from new sealed products you are happy giving to a charity shop. With the items you are keeping, consider placing them into storage in another part of the home if the bathroom is too full. But is does need to be storage that is clearly labelled, easy to clean and accessible, otherwise you might never use those products. For items you are packing away for future use, clean them, dry them and be sure to label accordingly. In all instances, keep everything out of the bathroom until you have thoroughly cleaned it.

Dive In

Once you know how you are approaching your sort out, you can dive in! Give yourself little goals and don't stop until each goal is complete. Depending on how cluttered the bathroom is, you might want to be sorting for an hour before a tea and biscuit break. Consider working through as long as you can if you find you are on a roll because once you stop and take a breather it isn't as easy to get into it again! Try to be ruthless with your decluttering - making sure you are being honest with yourself. Do you really love that mango body butter or will it continue to gather dust; do you need 5 separate bottles of shampoo?


Once you have decluttered you can give your bathroom a massive spring clean. Consider doing a bit of redecoration while you are in there or some of those little DIY jobs: fixing up the grout between the wall tiles, changing the mouldy shower curtain and cleaning the little nooks and crannies often neglected in the general cleaning of the house.

Continue as you mean to go on

Last but not least, make sure you continue as you mean to go on so you don't have to do this again; if necessary rent a cheap self storage unit to help you keep your home clutter-free . Every time you notice the room getting a bit cluttered, or you notice yourself repeating old habits, remember your sweat and tears decluttering and fix any issues as you find them!


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