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Top 7 Things not to do when moving house

Julie Lord

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When moving house there are lots of things you are told to do but never what not to do. The what not to dos can lead to small or little disasters so it is best if you just avoid them. So here is a list of what NOT to do.

1) Put your phone charger is a box labelled ‘stuff’ – you mobile is a necessity as it will somehow take a good few days to get you landline set up so yo need to ensure that you have your charger in an easy location as mobiles these days need constant charging.

2) Forget about the pet- both cats and dogs will know that something is happening and it can be a very distressing time for them. In regards to dogs make sure you have their bed and get them something to distract them like a bone. Cats in a sense are much harder as they can leave the house and get lost whereas a dog would not leave without you noticing as easily. So make sure you have everything closed and apparently put butter on their paws for the first few days helps them settle in as it removes the odour from the old house.

3) Booking a van which is too small- it would be annoying to find that you will have to make an extra tip than you anticipated- especially if you are moving far away. So make sure you book a big enough van to fit everything in at once if you don’t want to make multiple trips. Now this could be hard to visualise but a professional would be able to easy approximate the size you would need.

4) Don’t get lost- the removal company if you use one will not enjoy having to wait outside the house whilst you are trying to find your way to your new house. So try and make sure you know the way or use your GPS to help you get there. Even if you are not using a removals company you will not want to spending unnecessary time searching for you house as you will want to get everything unpacked- well the main bits before midnight.

5) Feeling the need to unpack everything- it will be tempting to start unpacking but realistically in one day you can't get your new house looking like a home , make sure you have the boxes labels and in the right room so there is some organization, if that stresses you out.

6) Having to many things at once- make sure to tackle one box at a time as it can get overwhelming and you might not know where to even start or stop. So make sure you get the essentials out at first and then slowly start unpacking everything else.

7) Worrying about the interior design - when unpacking you might want to ensure that everything is in the right place but this not necessary it can be a working progress, but you should have an idea of where you want the main items to be placed.

Moving house - yes can be an amazing experience but it is also a stressful one especially if you have not got tones of help or even space. So just make sure you are well prepared.

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A checklist for your moving house day
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