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Mistakes To Avoid When Tiling A Bathroom - Part 2

Julie Lord

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As you will have noticed in our first article on the subject of tiling mistakes, there are a lot of easy mistakes to make when you are doing this job, which is why we've made another article so you've got an even smaller chance of getting it wrong!

Tiling costs a lot of money, and no one wants to add to those costings by doing the job wrong. This is not only true when you have invested a lot of money into expensive porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles that you cannot afford to waste, but also in relation to the time spent repeating the job and the fact that mistakes can cause structural damage long term if you aren't careful.

Tiling a bathroom is most definitely a job anyone can do themselves if they prepare well enough. Tiling mistakes are avoidable if you do your research and take your time getting the job done properly.

Here are some more mistakes to avoid when tiling a bathroom: Going Dotty

It is a common myth that putting dots of adhesive onto the corners of your tiles before you press them on makes them stick better - it doesn't. It actually makes the tile more likely to crack because the adhesive actually shrinks when it dries. So if there are denser parts of adhesive under the tile, the shrinkage in those denser areas will create pressure which in turn promotes cracking.

Placing The Tiles Haphazardly

Placing tiles isn't something you can do haphazardly, it is something you have to be really anal about. Each tile should be spaced evenly and you should use the correct equipment to do this (nothing fancy, just a bit of cardboard will do), ensuring every time you lay a tile you measure the gap to make sure it is the same as the other gaps. The more uneven your tiles are - the more likely they are to become loose.

Rushing The Grouting

You cannot rush grouting. Your adhesive must be completely dry before you grout, which can take an entire day. The adhesive should also dry naturally and not be exposed to any steam or moisture in that time.

Thinking Big

It's great to have grand expectations of the job in hand, but you need to think small in relation to completing the job itself. If you spread loads of grout, it might dry before you place it properly. This is why you have to focus on a small area at a time, being precise about laying the grout evenly, removing any excess and inserting the grout into each gap between your porcelain or ceramic floor or wall tiles properly every time.

Forgetting To Seal The Bath Or Shower

If you don't use a waterproof, anti-mould sealant to seal the gap in between your beautiful porcelain wall tiles and the bath or shower unit you may cause damp or even huge amounts of structural damage to the property. The gap must be sealed and you should always fill the bath or shower before sealing as the shower or bath moves when water is in it, which could then pull at the sealant if you don't allow for it.


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