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Carpet Steam Cleaning and FAQ

Adrian Fisher

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Only the very affluent can afford to regularly order steam cleaning for their carpeting. However, such a thorough cleaning procedure is an absolute must when it comes to carpets since they accumulate a lot of germs, dust mites, and other unsanitary agents. It is recommended to have your carpets steam cleaned at least once every six months so that the level of germs dwelling on them won't reach dangerous levels. However, many first-time users of carpet steam cleaning have a lot of questions and that us way we have prepared this FAQ list. If you've used a carpet steam cleaning service recently then you are probably wondering.

Q: How long will it take until my carpet is dirty once again?
A: It depends on a lot things. Is the carpet situated in a high traffic area in your home? Do you walk around your home with your shoes still on? Do you have a pet animal like dog or a cat? If the answer to all of these questions is yes then the answer to your question is “pretty soon”. It's like taking a shower and then going for some jogging. You will get sweaty and you'll have to take a shower once again.

Q: Does the floor get wet when my carpet is being steam cleaned?
A: No. Most professional cleaning companies use the so called two-step deep clean system. A powerful deep-cleaning fibre rinse tool is taking care of the filth while another suction tool is sucking up all the filth and most of the moisture. The is the most effective carpet cleaning method in creation. It cleans your carpet and it leaves it almost dry.

Q: Is it true that water can ruin a carpet.
A: Both yes and no. Machinery of poor quality is what ruins carpeting in most cases. As long as the equipment used for steam cleaning your carpet is high-end you don't have to worry about anything. What if a carpet remains wet for too long? Any carpet that stays soaking wet for more than 48 hours can be considered ruined. Its fibres suffer water damage and it should be thrown out. Of course, some synthetic carpets can be restored but any carpeting of higher quality is forever ruined. That is way drying your carpet after properly cleaning it so important. This will also prevent the accumulation of mould spores.

Q: I've heard that steam cleaning can shrink carpets, is that true?
A: No. if your carpet is of good quality. If the manufacturers of your carpet used jute to create it then it will shrink for sure. Jute is a fibre that shrinks when it gets wet and outdated steam cleaning systems can make such a carpet very wet, thus it will shrink. Carpets manufactured nowadays have synthetic backing which prevents shrinking so you have nothing to worry about.

Q: What can I do to prolong the cleanness of my carpet after steam cleaning?
A: For starters, don't walk around your home with your footwear still on. If you have a pet animal consider disposing of it in a proper manner. Deal with stains while they are still fresh and vacuum clean your carpets regularly.

Q: Why is vacuum cleaning of such importance?
A: Vacuum cleaning keeps your carpets in top shape. Turning on that vacuum cleaner of yours once in a while will severely prolong the lives of your carpets. It will also keep them free of litter and good looking.

Q: What type of vacuum cleaners is best for domestic carpets?
A: Well, almost every vacuum cleaner can remove litter from the surface of a carpet but only machines of good quality can effectively remove soil embedded in the pile. There are vacuum cleaners equipped with rotating brushes or beater/brush combination. These models are great for removing embedded soil from carpeting.

Remember that there are a lot of professional cleaning companies such as cleaners in Barnes who can provide exceptional carpet cleaning services for your home and don't worry about anything. After all, these guys are professionals and they know what they are doing.


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