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Choosing wall tiles that match perfectly with floor tiles.


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Wall tiles and floor tiles have to match whether that be for bathroom areas or kitchen areas, often home owners will choose wall tile colours and designs and then begin the task of choosing the right bathroom or kitchen floor tiles to match and combine well. This can sometimes be a daunting task because the colours and designs you choose for floor tile installation will make the difference to the way the room appears when it is finished.

There are aspects to consider and choices to be made that will ensure that whichever room you are tiling, the finished product will look and feel exactly how you want it to. The colours and designs you choose for wall tiles for the kitchen area for example will be colours and styles you personally like and if the room is particular small, you may have opted for lighter neutral wall tiles which will open up smaller spaces. Many home owners like neutral pastel shades because they are warm colours that give a cosy feel but there may be other stronger coloured wall tiles in the room such as backsplash areas and countertop tiles. It is very important to pick out all of the colours combined in the wall tiles to be able to make your choices on floor tile designs.

If light colours have been used for the wall tiles this doesn’t mean that lighter shades cannot also be used on the floor area, home owners can opt for a colour that is one shade lighter or one shade darker for the floor tile choice and this will incorporate and add to the warmth in the room and will not provide a contrast. Home owners also have to decide whether they are going to have solid floor tile colours or use a patterned floor tile. This will all depend on the tile style already in the room, if there are strong wall tile colours already used and you have made a focal point of many areas, it may be best to keep the floor tiles plain with solid colour floor tiles.

It is always wise to get some floor tile samples for the room you are tiling and place them around the room to see what how they blend in, this gives home owners a good idea if the colour is going to work in a particular room.

Larger spaces can use darker coloured floor tiles and if you are tiling a particularly large kitchen or bathroom area, darker coloured floor tiles can help make larger floor expanses feel cosier and warm.


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Where You Can Use Wall Tiles In Your Home
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