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Exotic Interiors – Bali Shop Sydney, Bali Furniture


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Interior design is a profession where creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to enhance the built interior environment and home lifestyle.

A style, or theme, is a consistent idea used throughout a room to create a feeling of completeness. Styles should not be confused with design concepts, or the higher-level party, which involve a deeper understanding of the architectural context, the socio-cultural and the programmatic requirements of the client. These themes often mimic period styles.

The interior design process follows a systematic and coordinated methodology, including research, analysis, and integration of knowledge into the creative process, where the needs and resources of the client are fulfilled to create an interior space that fulfills the project’s goals.

The development of interior decoration themes has now grown to include themes unnecessarily consistent with a specific period style allowing the mixing of pieces from a variety of time periods. Everycomponent should contribute to form, function, or both and keep a consistent standard of quality and come together to create the desired design. A designer develops a home architecture and interior design for a customer that has a style and theme that the future owner likes and connects to.

Asian style has influenced Western décor for centuries now. Today we are so used to some Asian influences that we do not even realise where they came from. The ball and claw foot, for instance, was originally inspired by a Chinese motif.

If one looks at Asian furniture they will see both highly ornamented or carved surfaces and bold colours, or very simple lines, free of any ornamentation with soothing neutral tones. That is because the Asian style, which involves the Far East, is not limited to one nation or culture, and spans centuries. Asian inspired furniture draws on Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean andVietnamese.

When creating your own Asian inspired interior, you can pick and choose from different elements. It is best to create a mood rather than throw in a number of disparate pieces that don't make sense together.

A sense of balance and a lack of clutter distinguishan Asian style which aids in creating balanced, uncluttered, and harmonious interiors.

The red and black Chinese inspired chest is from Hooker, and a part of their Dynasty collection which also features bookcases, tables and a home office group.

If you are furnishing in an Asian inspired style, the colours that first come to mind are red and black. These colours are especially found in Chinese inspired interiors, as the colour red is supposed to bring good luck and happiness according to Chinese traditions.

Black works very well to presents a room when you are furnishing in a style that leans more towards a Japanese style, because then most colours will be in shades of grey, tan, green or leaning towards neutral. Bright colours can also be used for accents. Gold and silver are also used for accents, and you will either find them in beautifully designed hardware or on beautiful treatments such as gold or silver leaf or paint.

Texture plays an important part in Asian style decor. Surfaces can be smooth and shiny, due to wood being either polished to perfection, painted or lacquered. Surface interest is also created by using materials such as silver, bamboo, paper, or gold leaf. Rugs &upholstry run the scale from silk to straw and jute.

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Exotic Interiors are direct Importers of Balinese and Indonesian furniture, Balinese statues and Buddha statues. We offer a unique and wide range of Antique and Recycled Balinese daybeds and daybenches, all 100% solid teak.


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