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ACTIVE CERAMIC – Bathroom Tiles, Melbourne


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If you were to talk to anyone who does their own cleaning, they are going to tell you that cleaning tiles is extremely irritating.

However, when tiles in the bathroom are properly cleaned and regularly, it can be quite valuable for maintaining that sparkle that your tiles has along with the aesthetically pleasing look of your bathroom. As well as this, this is important for hygiene.

If you are ever come across the difficulty of a build –up of dirt over a fairly long time of time, here are a few ideas on how to meticulously clean tiles and grout.

Cleaning correctly involves reaching all those crevices and corners where grime and bacteria build up. Here is a fantastic tip: to clean tiles in the bathroom, put a used tooth brush in with your bathroom cleaning equipment. It will be a highly valuable tool. It can help you reach irritating areas, crevices and corners. If you don't want to use a tooth brush, you can use any other type of reasonably coarse brush such as a dish brush. These will specifically help you with cleaning tiles in the bathroom behind toilets and sinks as well as in other irritating places. You can combine using a toothbrush and any tile cleaning chemical.

You can use a commercial cleaner for cleaning your bathroom tiles. These products areespecially made and should not damage or harm your tile or grout if you follow the instructions on how to use them correctly.

In saying that, commercial products can be quite pricey so you may want to look at some other options. You might want to try using a general purpose cleaner or a shower cleaner. These should really work in lifting dirt and scum, shouldn't damage your tiles, and they are usually less expensive.

However, if you don't want to use any chemicals, you could consider steam cleaning which is an option that is starting to become more and more popular. Only the power of pressurized water is used when steam-cleaning tiles in your bathroom. Water particles are shot onto the surface lifting hard scum and dirt, but it leaves tile enamel and grout in perfect condition. Steam cleaning is a fantastic non-chemical option that works well but it has a disadvantage of being a little pricey if you decide to start cleaning this way, since you will need to either buy or hire a steam cleaner.

A house with vibrant energy, traditional interiors, a luxurious feel and amazing colours is always appreciated by everyone. Your home represents you, your choice, your interest, your nature and behaviour. Every place in your home says something, makes you feel something so why not try hard to make your home unique and modern. Everyday several innovative products are making their way onto the market which can give an elegant and stylish look to your home. Among these innovative ideas, is a very popular method worldwide is the use of glass splash-backs for beautiful bathrooms, wall paneling and luxurious kitchens.

If you were to visit an older style home you would see granite tops or tiling inside kitchen walls. Although they were previously successful but they really need proper maintenance and times are constantly changing; people go for newer products. Today, kitchen glass splash-back are in greater use to provide a sleek environment in the kitchen with colourand enhanced light. Kitchen splash-backs run from working areas to ceiling s while a bathroom one starts from the floor to the ceiling.

Active Ceramic provides the new self-cleaning active tiles. They are definitely worth looking into.

Author Bio

ACTIVE Ceramic tiles are new to Australia. They are an innovative new product that will change the way we see ceramic tiles. They were created by Fiandre Architectural Systems after intensive research. These tiles have active particles that help improve the quality of the surrounding environment.


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