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Caring For Bamboo - Time To Grow More Bamboo Plants

Renaldo Mirambil

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Do you want to be the envy of your friends with your beautiful interior décor of potted plants? Do you want to keep peeping neighbors out with a natural private screen? Do you want to have natural windbreakers for your home? To all the questions, one and only answer is learning the art of caring for bamboo plant.

Bamboo plant popular in Asian countries has made its way into European and American culture too. Known for its versatility, sturdiness and numerous uses along with being cost-effective, this plant has become a favorite among all. It is also easy to grow. With simple know how of caring for bamboo, you can have your own collection of bamboo plants.

Here are a few tips for bamboo care. But first, let us know more about bamboo plants.

They are of two types: running and clumping. The clumping variety grows well in tropical climate and the growth is restricted. It is used to have a ground cover. The running variety boasts of unrestricted growth often leading to huge depth and spread. Its fast growth makes it a good contender for making private screens in just a few months. The bamboo plants available in containers require very less care and bring greenery and ethereal beauty to the interiors of home.

Bamboo plants have simple requirements and caring for bamboo is an easy job for all. They only need little water. Excess water causes rotting of the roots and plants wilt away. It could be seen when its leaves start curling. Watering it once a week is all that is needed. A better indicator would be to check the topmost layer of soil. If it’s dry, it’s a sign that plant needs water. The yellowing of leaves also indicates the water need of the plant.

The plant has a fast pace of growth and reaches maturity in just 3 years. Also it boasts of regenerating itself from its cut parts. It grows well in nitrogen-rich soil and requires a little spray of fertilizer for its growth. For indoor plants, the need of fertilizer further reduces as they only have to reach till a very little height.

The task of caring for bamboo involves looking after the sunlight requirements of bamboo plants. Indoor plants wither away in direct sunlight and grow well in shaded areas like windowsills. They are also attractive when kept in hallways, bathrooms and even staircases.

You can also grow more and more bamboo plants from the cut parts of your present one. You just have to cut it above the joint and sow it in another container and the plant grows itself.

Thus, with a few tips for caring for bamboo , you can be assured of beautiful bamboo plants for your home and become the envy of friends.


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