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Using French Tapestries As Romantic Home Decor


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When you think of French decor what type of words and items come to mind? If you are like most, you immediately think warmth, comfort, elegance, luxury and romance. When it comes to the items that portray this style of decor one often thinks of the bedroom and bed, piled high with plush bedding items and pillows or living room furniture that you can sink into.

If you are focused on having a romantic setting in your home, you need to turn things up a notch. While the soft and welcoming furnishings are necessary, there are also things that will set the tone in the room. If you are thinking of a romantic painting, that could be one option, but the better option is to choose a medium that has more texture and emotion attached to it. This is when you should turn to French tapestries as they can serve a number of purposes in your overall decor picture:

To add a feeling of warmth

If you have never gotten to know a real French tapestry, you have done yourself a disservice. The mixture of warm colors used to create these pieces of art will warm the heart of all who lay eyes upon them. Add to that the knowledge of the skill and care that it took to put each thread in place to create the image and these exude the love of those who created them.

As a piece of art

While they are beautiful and warm, French tapestries are also magnificent pieces of art. Just as you would want a priceless painting in a place of prominence in your home so everyone who comes in can see it, French tapestries will have the same effect with their thick texture taking away the breath of each person who casts a gaze in their direction.

To add romance

Nothing says romance like French tapestries. These pieces are made to exude romance. They depict a time when men were men and women were ladies. The romance of such a time when a man would ask to take a lady's hand and she would blush at his approach are bound to bring out a touch of romance in each of us. It is almost as if the characters from a romance movie or novel of centuries ago has come to life on a wall in our home.

So there you go.

From Gobelins to Francois Boucher, romance and passion are alive and well, and could become a larger part of your life, thanks to French tapestries. Bringing one of these into your home will not only show your taste in art, but also your flair for beauty and sophisticated romance. Whether in your living room, as a focal point of your French decor, or in the bedroom as the scene setter for your romantic boudoir, a French tapestry will make clear your sense of romance for all to see.

Want to add romance to your home decor? Then see this collection of French tapestries verdures that will suit any home. Tom Matherson writes for Worldwide Tapestries where you'll see a variety of large wall hangings for any home decor.


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