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Feng Shui in Your Interior Design to Create Good Chi


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In this article I have discussed about some basic tips that will come handy as you are getting started with your design ideas on your personal space. You will find valuable tips on choosing the right colors for the walls, the best shapes for the curtains, recommended designs for your carpets, and valuable tips on bookshelves and bathrooms.

Interior decoration with Feng Shui is about picking the right colors for the right corners. Use the following corner/color palette to paint the interior of your home:

Corner: SOUTH; Primary Colors: Red, Orange Secondary; Color: Yellow, Green; No-No Colors: Black, Blue

Corner: North; Primary Colors: Black, Blue; Secondary Color: White, Metallic; No-No Colors: Yellow, Beige

Corner: EAST; Primary Colors: Green, Brown; Secondary Color: Black, Blue; No-No Colors: White, Metallic

Corner: WEST; Primary Colors: White, Grey Secondary; Color: Metallic, Yellow; No-No Colors: Red, Orange

Corner: SOUTH-EAST; Primary Colors: Light Green; Secondary Color: Light Blue; No-No Colors: Grey, White

Corner: SOUTH WEST; Primary Colors: Yellow, Beige; Secondary Color: Red, Orange; No-No Colors: Green, Brown

Corner: NORTH EAST; Primary Colors: Yellow, Beige ;Secondary Color: Red, Orange; No-No Colors: Green, Brown

Corner: NORTH WEST; Primary Colors: White, Metallic ; Secondary Color: Grey, Yellow; No-No Colors: Red, Orange

Next, here are some tips to picking the right curtain shapes:
- White curtains with dominantly circular shapes are excellent in rooms in the west corners
- Blue curtains with wavy patterns are great in the rooms located in the north corners
- Red curtains with triangular shape patterns work very well in the south corners
- Green curtains are suitable in the east corners

For the carpets, try to avoid the ones that have over-sized confusing patterns. Go for the ones that have beautiful detailing much like the designs found on Persians carpets.

Next, the bookshelves are something that many people find very attractive to display. Try to keep the bookshelves concealed or closed.

As for the bathrooms, the key to decorating this space is to not go overboard with the design ideas. This is a place where the chi gets flushed down so keeping the decorations to a bare minimum would work very well.

Hopefully some of these basic tips will help you to get started. The most valuable tool to have when designing your personal space is a good compass.

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