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Bedroom Design How to Properly Arrange a Bedroom


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It may seem simple to design a bedroom, but it can be quite complex. How you arrange your bedroom furniture can influence how well you sleep at night and how guests feel when they stay with you. Learning how to properly arrange a bedroom can benefit you when arranging a child's room, a guest room and a master bedroom.

It's always a good idea to arrange your bedroom periodically. Sometimes it is not easy to rearrange, especially if you have a small room but rearranging will give you a chance to really clean every corner of that room.

Guest Room
If you have guests to stay over frequently they will appreciate the effort that you put forth in order to make them feel safe and comfortable. There is nothing that makes a guest leave faster than if they cannot feel comfortable. When you prepare your guest room you want to keep it bright and clean looking. Don't clutter the room in extra stuff you just don't know where else to put it. Guests do not always show up when scheduled. A lot of times it is done last minute. Keeping the room bright and cheerful looking will always be inviting to your guests. Arrange the bed against the wall so when your guests walk into the room the bed will be the first thing they see. But you want to avoid putting the bed under windows in the winter time. If you have a twin bed in your guest room you will only need one night stand. If you have a double to king sized bed you need to have a night stand on each side of the bed. The only thing you need on the table is a lamp and one alarm clock. The dresser should be somewhere else in the room away from the bed.

Child's Room
You don't want to put the bed under windows because a draft may come in and make your child sick so always keep the bed against the wall without windows. You need one night stand or table to place a lamp and an alarm clock beside of their bed. Shelves are very important in a child's room in order to keep their favorite toys. It's good to place shelves in every corner of their room when possible so you can display everything. If more than one child shares the room you need to invest in a divider for privacy, no matter what age they are. Include one toy chest for each child to keep their toys in. Get creative on storage containers to personalize them with your child's favorite action heroes or princess. You can buy white contact paper and cover boxes to put little things in. Your child can help you do that. Add blinds to the window for extra warmth and privacy

Master Bedroom
This room is probably the largest bedroom in your home. You want the bed to be the centerpiece in your bedroom. Put the bed against a solid wall if possible. You can place the other furniture in between windows or on short walls. Furniture like dressers, wardrobes and chairs balance the room when placed on short walls. If you have a lounge or sitting chair in your room you may want to place it in a corner as long as it is out of the walkway.

There is no reason to complicate the bedroom by adding things that are not necessary. Bedrooms should be a private place to get away from the world. Making your bedroom more personal will have a cozy and comfortable affect on you.

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Bedroom Design
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