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Decorating Color Schemes For Wall Art 4 Simple Tips


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Before you buy your painting, you should stop to consider on a few things. Will the art fit into your home? Will it blend so well until it becomes unnoticed? Or will it stick out like a sore thumb, shouting for attention? Purchasing an art piece simply because you like it may result in unnecessary disappointment when it's time to hang it on the wall. Read on as this article briefly describes to you other factors you should think about before you part with your money.

The Right Wall Color

Before you hang your paintings on the walls, think about the color tones in the painting that you want to emphasize. You don't want a picture on the wall that goes unnoticed because the color of the wall pulls your attention away from the art. Avoid hanging a bright picture on a bright colored wall, for example yellow color. Having a strong colored picture hung against another strong colored background wall color will throw the room out of balance. If you have a wall with strong colors, try using art with lighter and softer colors. Likewise, art with strong colors work well with walls that are soft or pastel colored.

Decorating With Accessories

With clever arrangement of accessories near a painting, you can bring out certain hues or tones in the art work. Accessories can include anything from carpets, rugs, curtains, pillows, or other small collectibles like antiques and statues. Consider the color combinations of these accessories such that they will best bring out the colors of the painting. For example, you want to emphasize the maroon and brown colors of the abstract painting you just bought. Try to place items in the room that have similar colors. The pillow on the couch near the painting could be dark brown or beige for instance. It doesn't have to be the exact same color, just similar hues or tones that would subtlety hint at the color scheme. Feel free to rearrange the items and play around with the combination to bring out the best in your painting.

Finding the Best Location

Ever went to someone else's home and then just by chance, you noticed a painting on the wall in some dark corner, almost completely unnoticed and lifeless? You can avoid this by carefully finding the best location to bring out the best in the art work. Choose an area in your house where the color combinations will bring focus to your art, not steal attention away from it. Instead of simply buying an art piece and then deciding where to hang it, study the different locations in your home in terms of color composition and then decide on a suitable art piece to display. Consider also how light plays on the art work in the room, especially sunlight. Morning and afternoon lights will make colors appear differently. Using artificial lights like spotlights in the room will also bring out the best colors in the art work and bring it to life.

Don't Forget the Frames and Mats

The colors of mats and frames also affect how a viewer's eyes are guided towards the art piece. For example, a dark colored mat will intensify the colors of the picture, whereas mats with softer colors allow more of the picture's colors to interact with the surroundings. The color of the frame should not be of the same tone as the wall color, otherwise it would be difficult to distinguish the frame from its surroundings. Remember that the picture's frame is also part of the art work, and the frame color should also be considered when choosing the art piece.

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