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If like many other homeowners with swimming pools there is no doubt you have or are thinking about installing a swimming pool patio; the greatest question for most people is the choice between swimming pool concrete and paver stone installation. This is the burning question in the world of swimming pool patio. Both the materials are durable, the look great and are relatively affordable; you need to learn about the pros and cons of both materials so you can make an informed choice.

Stamped Concrete: Stamped swimming pool concrete has a number of advantages the first one is the number of patterns that are available; you can choose from slate, seamless stone, and flagstone which are the most popular ones; there is also a wide variety of colors to choose from. Swimming pool concrete can be made to mimic several other materials such as slate, flagstone or brick at a fraction of what the natural material would cost you. Since it is sealed it is protected from the elements in addition to pool chemicals as well as salt from salty water systems.

There are a few disadvantages that you have to bear with when it comes to swimming pool concrete; it can crack easily but no one can steal it without your knowledge. You need to get a good masonry contractor who is able to place control joints so that when it must crack it does only in particular places. Take note also that you have to put in place an anti-skid agent because the surface can be somewhat slippery.

Paver stones: One of the best things about paver stone installation around your swimming pool patio is that when it has been installed correctly you can be sure that it will not crack and it can easily add to any time in future. You can also do a seamless fix any time an underground repair is needed. Further, unless it is sealed, paver stones installation isn’t slippery and you don’t expect sealing to be done around pools.

On the downside when doing paver stone installation, unless you have a highly qualified and experienced paving stone contractor who will be able to do a proper installation, the stones will start moving over the course of time. You also need to use the correct sand or else you will find weeds growing between the pavers; you need to use polymeric sand which has some additives that bind together between the pavers causing them to harden. Even though it prevents weeds, you need to reapply it every few years. For those who are very specific in terms of colors, there are many times you will find some slight color variations even from the same truckload.

What this means, therefore, is that when you decide to put up a swimming pool patio, the choice between paver stone installation and swimming pool concrete should be done after you have looked at the advantages and disadvantages of both. You may also want to check the compatibility of each material with other elements of your yard and whether or not you plan to expand your swimming pool patio in future.


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