AC tips and tricks to keep cool during summer

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We all know how uncomfortable it is to be in a scorching hot room with no circulating air. During the summer months temperatures rise dramatically regardless of your geographical location with minor exceptions. The high temperate and increase in usage related to your homes central air unit causes strain on certain important components such as the compressor, coils, and coolant. AC Repair in Poway like many other places occurs most commonly during the summer time.

One of the common misconceptions about most modern air conditioning units is that they magically make the temperature of your air change and require no maintenance. This couldn’t be further from the truth as most modern air conditioning units contain components that facilitate a process of conversion through a means of compression and fluid transfer to achieve your desired temperature result. Some Air Conditioning companies in Poway offer some really great services and packages for AC maintenance, regularly cleaning your unit especially before the summer months will have a dramatic effect on how clean and efficient your air conditioning system functions.

Setting your air conditioning unit to “auto” mode during the summer months is a great way to automatically manage the heating/cooling ratio your home receives. Running your AC constantly during the summer months can sometimes actually have the opposite of its intended result which is cooling. Overexertion of your central cooling unit’s compressor, coils, or coolant levels can result in ineffective heating/cooling action to be produced by the system.

Setting a constant temperature for your central cooling/heating unit to operate at during the summer months can save you lots of money! The fluctuation in temperature especially under extreme weather conditions such as heat will dramatically increase the amount of energy used due to more energy being required to regulate the designated temperature.

Seal off your homes windows and apply a weatherized treatment to protect against harsh air leaks and improper temperature gaging during extreme conditions. Ensuring that you have closed off all vulnerable access points within your home that could facilitate irregular energy consumption or poor temperature monitoring will dramatically help you lower your energy bill while increasing the efficiency at which your central air units performs.

Keeping clean air filters in your home will also drastically improve the overall quality of air and the amount of air that is able to reach your ducts thus resulting in more cooling power at less of a cost to you. Clean evaporator coils can also contribute to cleaner higher quality air in your home during the hot summer months, dirty coils will slow down the conversion process of your incoming air thus resulting in less cooling/heating action.

Following every one of the above steps on a regular basis can contribute to a long healthy life for your air conditioning unit but you still need to get air conditioning Poway maintenance at regular intervals. The more preventative maintenance you perform to your air conditioning unit throughout the year your chances of encountering major issues with your AC unit decreases significantly and needing AC repair Scripps Ranch will not be needed often. Stay on top of cleaning your AC unit and the summer months should be a breeze!


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