Tips for Saving With Heating Energy Bills

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Your home should be able to protect you from the elements and be a comfortable place to look up to and especially during winter when it is all but freezing outside. However, some of these comforts don’t come cheap and any homeowner will tell you that heating Pasadena bills can eat up a large chunk of our budget. Many homeowners don’t love to see such huge heating Burbank bills and they keep wondering whether there is anything they can do to reduce their heating and air conditioning bills. The good news is that there are practical suggestions discerning homeowners can follow:

Patch the leakages: The first thing that you want to do is to conduct an energy audit so you can know if you are losing heat and at what point. Many homeowners who do energy audits will discover that bad ductwork, faulty doors and windows and poor installation are the main culprits as far as energy loss in concerned. Your heating Glendale Company can happily do an energy audit in your home so you can identify the problem area and save close 30% on your monthly energy bills.

Close the damper: Most homeowners with fireplaces at home will always the damper open even when the fire isn’t going and this will let precious warmth escape the house. While such warm air is rising and escaping, you can be sure the birds on the roof of your house will really appreciate but you will have a large dent in your wallet. You want to start by closing the flue even though this may not help a great deal. You may want to install a glass door on the fireplace or perhaps a fireplace insert.

Be prepared: One of the best ways to avoid Heating Pasadena emergencies is to call a heating and air conditioning expert to do some inspection to the system especially before the peak season. This will enable them to advise you on whether the system is running correctly and efficiently or what repairs should be done in advance. You want to avoid having your heater go off in the middle of winter. Routine maintenance of heating Glendale equipment is cheaper than making an emergency call. Perhaps you need to know that close to 55,000 home fires that cause death, injury and loss of property are as a result of issues with heating Burbank problems that could have been detected earlier during routine servicing.

Adjust the thermostat: It is possible to save on heating by choosing to maintain your temperatures at a constant 70 degrees; since most modern heaters come with a fitted thermostat you can choose to use it to regularly lower the settings when there is no one at home or when you go to sleep. Such a small measure will guarantee you a 20% saving on your normal consumption.

Deal with the hot water heater: It is estimated that between 14% - 25% of energy related bills are directly as a result of hot water heaters. Most heating Pasadena equipment are kept at 140 degrees, a simple reduction by a mere 10 degrees will give a saving of 3% - 5%.


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Tips To Winterize Your Home and Lower Your Energy Bills
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