Simple Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Lora Davis

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Any homeowner who has been unlucky enough will remember the one time when their HVAC unit broke down in the middle of the hottest summer or coldest winter and they had to endure countless hours waiting for air conditioner repair. The good news is that you can ensure that your HVAC system doesn’t let you down when you need it most by making sure that you have an annual HVAC air conditioning checkup; this will actually save you lots of time and money. A once every year, let your Houston HVAC contractor conduct a well-planned air conditioning checkup; this will also ensure that the system runs correctly and for a much longer lifespan; everyone wants longevity and a problem free operation.

A good checkup is one that involves checking the refrigerant charge, a complete check of the electric system in addition to AC drain clearing. You will also have all the coils cleaned while the fins will get straightened so as to increase the efficiency of operation and the airflow. The other good reason for asking the AC contractor to do a scheduled checkup is that it provides an opportunity for any emerging problems to be seen early enough; this will be dealt with before the peak months when the weather is at its worst. No one wants their HVAC system breaking down when the temperature outside is more than 100 degrees. With a well-planned checkup, any problematic issues are seen well in advance and you can have the air conditioner contractor addressing them without too much downtime.

One thing that most homeowners are yet to discover is that when you have your heating and air conditioning servicing and repairs done before the peak season, there are almost always great discounts provided by air conditioner companies; this is especially true for homeowners that have a maintenance contract with such air conditioner companies. You will see the importance of such a contract is you realize that there is a major repair such as a compressor burnout or leaking evaporator coils that need to be done; these are usually quite expensive under normal circumstances.

On top of the annual air conditioning checkup, your Houston HVAC contractor will also check on the air duct system where they will ensure that they are clean; these have to be cleaned every two or three years. Cleaning the air duct system is important because it helps to ensure correct airflow to all the supply ducts in addition to making sure that none of them is damaged within the system. Properly sealed and insulated air ducts play a very significant role since they control heat transfer between the hot air attic and the ducts. Last but not least, the filters are checked and if necessary they will be replaced during a regular air conditioning checkup; cleaning ducts helps to reduce the presence of allergens by ensuring the evaporator coils are clean. This prevents the circulation of allergens throughout the entire house because that is what happens to any debris that gets into the house.


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