Signs That Your AC Needs To Be Replaced

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Every year as summer approaches, air conditioning Philadelphia companies come face to face with the worst case air conditioner meltdown scenarios; in many cases AC systems that have broken down beyond repair. The worst thing about many of these cases is that there were warning signs for months on end that the system wasn’t good and that it was in the danger of failing permanently. However, in most cases homeowners will ignore the warning signs or they hoped that air conditioning repair will somehow do the magic and it keeps going for another few summers. There are telltale warning signs that indicate it is time to consult an AC installation expert instead of the repair technician that include the following:

Age: If your HVAC is old enough to be in fifth grade, it is the time you have a talk with an AC installation contractor for a replacement. If you have been lucky enough to have an AC unit that is more than ten years old and is still running you should take advantage of the grace period to put in place a good plan for a new AC installation in a way that will stay within your budget. When you enter the summer season with an AC unit that is in the double digits is like rolling the dice as a homeowner.

Efficiency: It is an open secret that just about everything that you know slows down with age; it doesn’t matter how experienced your HVAC repair technician is, there will be a time when the air conditioning system will stop being as efficient as it used to be no matter how much money you spend on its repair and maintenance. When you discover that all your AC repair Philadelphia has become a game of diminishing returns and you are paying more for maintenance while the system continues to become less efficient, take advantage of that knowledge that AC installation is imminent and put in place a replacement plan.

Major repairs: Even the most efficient AC systems will at one time or another require some extensive AC repair and it’s not unusual for big repair jobs to come along every now and again. But when those big repair jobs start following one another you have reached a time where it is not just worth trying to fix the thing. You should be able to save your time, energy, stress and money by just considering a new air conditioning Philadelphia installation that will be more reliable and efficient than your current system that is just about to kick the bucket.

Advice from a professional: There are homeowners who will wait until their trusted air conditioning repair expert tells them that they actually need a new system but even then, some will still hope against hope that a miracle will see them through the summer. When you have a good relationship with a reputable AC repair contractor, you can trust when they tell you to consider a new AC installation that they are not drumming up new business for their company.


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