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Repairing a Leaky Window AC Unit

Kamil Jain

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Having a leaky AC unit can be messy but it could also cause serious damage to your house so it is very important to address the issue. It is more of a maintenance project than an air conditioning repair problem. It is a maintenance project that should be done at least once a year but twice a year would be better. When you have a leaky window AC unit there are some things that you can do yourself to save you money on having an AC repair service bill.

Before you start make sure that your air conditioner unit is unplugged.

• When you remove the AC unit from the window make sure that it is a day that is pleasant, mild, and sunny so the unit can dry out completely when you have finished doing the air conditioning repair or maintenance.
• Put the air conditioner unit on a stable level area such as a concrete tile or slab. Avoid putting it in the dirt, grass, or mud as this will only clog up the unit causing more problems.
• Next you remove the exterior metal casing of the AC unit using a screwdriver. In most air conditioners you will find four to six screws. They will be situated along the edge of the AC casing and is what secures it to the frame.
• Inspect the interior of the system to make sure that there is a plastic tray present at the bottom of the AC unit. This is carries the condensation from the cooling coils and allows the condensation to flow outside to the ground below. If you have not done any maintenance for awhile there may be dust and bacteria growth in the tray. Make sure that you clean out the tray before moving on. Do this by adding approximately a fourth of a cup of bleach to the tray, allowing it to sit in the tray for five to ten minutes before rinsing it out and put it back. This will clear out the bacteria.
• Take your garden hose with the spray nozzle and spray inside the unit using moderate pressure. Direct the spray at the plastic tray to make sure you clean the tray again to get rid of all the stuff that has fallen into it from the rest of the unit. If the interior filter is damaged you will need to replace it but if it is not damaged just clean it and put it back.
• Add another fourth cup of bleach to the tray and allow to sit for fifteen minutes, rinse well and put back.

Once it has dried completely you can put it back in the window and your air conditioning repair job is finished.

About the author:

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