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Reduce the cost of your business electricity with some green thinking


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When planning on means to cut down electricity bills, a business owner should start with tackling their biggest electrical bill. If your heating or air conditioning bill is your biggest expense, cutting it down will take some careful measures that will soon seem obvious and will save money.

Your biggest user of electricity in summer is going to be your air conditioning system. Some ways of cutting down on your air-con expense is to keep your central heating and cooling thermostat set at 69 degrees. Your air conditioner will turn on when your building's temperature rises above that and work to bring your inside air to 69 degrees. It will stay off much longer since it takes more time to raise the temperature of air at 69 degrees than it takes to raise the temperature of 75 degrees. Your building's interior temperature should be set at a comfortable level which would increase the productivity of your staff.

There are other simple steps that you can take to make sure your air conditioner (whether central or window boxed) has to work less to keep you healthy and comfortable. The most obvious is to keep all windows in your organisation closed when running the air conditioner. You can designate only one door for employees to use and keep it closed when not in use. Reducing the cost of running your air conditioner is definitely going green, and this can give another benefit - if you plant shrubs around your outdoor air conditioning unit. The hot air that is emitted from your outdoor units fan will give you some of the biggest and greenest bushes you can imagine without the use of bush fertilizer!

There are other measures you can take to lower the cost of maintaining your business. Playing the radio on your intercom system might seem like a pleasant way to keep your employees entertained. It might be pleasant, but it costs you money in electricity that is used by your radio to function. Your computers are already using electrical power to function. Your computers, if used for company business, are a necessary expense, your radio entertainment and your television entertainment is not. If you have staff that are using your electricity to work their personal radios at their desk, to use their desk top television sets, to use their desk top miniature fans, you have staff that are adding to your costs of operations!

Simple checking of machines that are kept plugged in night and day is a way to get quick wins. For example, a coffee machine that uses electricity constantly to keep coffee hot might be using more electricity than you think possible and could be a fire risk if left on at night. There are machines that are necessary to keep on at night even though they are drawing on electricity like fax machines. However, if you do not care whether your machine is working to get a late night fax, then unplug the fax machine at the end of the day.

After taking these measures, wait a month and consider whether your efforts have seen a decent reduction in your electrical bill. If not, consider having your electrical system checked by a professional as well as your heating and cooling system. Their suggestions might be what you can use to see a definite savings in electrical use by changing old electricity hogging systems changed for more efficient less fuel consuming systems. Then check with your business electricity supplier to see how they could help.

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How to Reduce Your Electricity Bill and Combat Climate Change
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