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The Dying Wood Burning Fireplace Breathes Fire through Wood Stove Inserts

Christian Kelly

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The wood burning fireplace aged 23 years old and above faces the sad reality that it is no longer adept at keeping up with the requirements of the 21st century. Once, the wood burning fireplace stood high and mighty in man’s home, supplying heat as it breathed. Then, the wood burning fireplace faced threats of being shunned to oblivion – until now that wood stove inserts have been invented.

Wood stove inserts give a newfound life to the wood burning fireplace of the yesteryears. Since 1988, when the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency released its emissions law, heating devices had to comply with the agency’s ecological standards. Prior to the invention of wood stove inserts, wood burning fireplace owners had to shut off their wood burning fireplace that violated EPA’s regulation. Old heating systems used to emit up to 30 grams of particulate matter per hour, which is a far cry from the current mandate of 7.5 grams per hour. Introducing wood stove inserts in the market allowed consumers to use their wood burning fireplace in accordance to EPA’s standards.

What are wood stove inserts?

Wood stove inserts are compact fireboxes that operate in the same concept that a wood burning fireplace does. Wood stove inserts are an efficient alternative to the wood burning fireplace because they address the problems that the ordinary wood fireplace has posed over the years. These problems are: high rate of particulate matter emission, heat loss through the masonry fireplace and outdated style. The first problem is solved by the modern mechanism involved in the manufacturing and operation of wood stove inserts. Wood stove inserts give off a clean burn that is almost free of particulate matter. The second problem is solved by preventing the loss of heat through the masonry. Wood stove inserts are installed with fans that suck in fresh air and immediately blow it back to the room. Warm air is given off to the surroundings, instead of being wasted just circulating inside the hearth. The problem of the outdated appearance of the wood burning fireplace is solved by the sleek and modern designs of wood stove inserts. Installing a wood stove insert into a wood burning fireplace results in an instant makeover. Let’s face it, not everyone appreciates the look and fashion of the old years. In fact, some homeowners purchase wood stove inserts solely to upgrade the guises of their weary wood burning fireplaces.

The added features that wood stove inserts have are doors and burn control levers. The doors help in igniting and extinguishing the fires inside the firebox. By opening the door, air goes into the heat chamber of the wood burning fireplace , strengthening the flames. By closing the door, there is no air supply to the fire, thus enabling it to weaken until it gets fully extinguished. The addition of doors gives homeowners peace of mind should they decide to go to bed before the flames die down. The burn control lever allows the user to control the rate of wood burning. This helps the user in achieving either a slow, controlled heat or a fast, intense fire.


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