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Pellet Vs Wood Stoves

Misha Kerogazov

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Freestanding-boxed wood stoves have come a long way in the past decade in improving their design for more modern homes as well as developing more cost-effective products to burn to produce heat with less effort. Chopping wood may be good exercise, but not everyday and not for everyone. You can of course purchase packaged logs and that will removes the danger and the sweat, but not the cost.

Hardwood costs on the average $190 per cord depending on the area of the country you live in and is only 60 percent effective as a means of heating your home. The average family will use up to six cords in an average year with a mild winter making the total yearly cost of burning natural wood a little over $1000.00. This can be a good cost-effective alternative to natural gas or heating oil. It might be even a bit cheaper than pellets, however it is far less efficient and a great deal messier. That puts the pellet vs wood stoves debate into a more manageable perspective.

There are also varieties of ‘wood logs’ made from natural by-products like used coffee grounds and other materials making them eco-friendly and in some cases cleaner burning than their natural wood counterparts. These however can be very costly. A package of six logs can cost about $26.00 plus tax and shipping if you buy them online. The cost of these types of logs place them out of the realm of most people seeking to save money on over-all heating for their homes, but are great for the eco-conscious family wanting to use their fireplace for occasional recreation.

Pellet burning wood stoves are more advanced over the wood-burning stoves as they are easier to control temperature, and the pellets are longer lasting and burn more evenly than wood logs. The pellets are much easier to handle than clumsy logs and are also burn cleaner to produce less waste and mess. Those are some of the reasons many people choose pellets in the pellet vs wood stoves debate.

There is an aesthetical side of comparing pellet vs wood stoves as well. If you prefer the traditional look of a fireplace but are turned off by the mess, and the inefficiency of a regular fireplace, you can replace it with a pellet-burning unit. These wall inserts have all of the efficiency and cleanliness of the freestanding pellet fireplace with the old-fashioned charm of the more conventional type of firebox.

There are several types of pellets available, some are made from all wood products, and some are made from other renewable sources such as corn. Corn pellets are rising in popularity due to the ease of replenishing the supply and are more cost effective than other forms of materials used for making pellets.

The average home would need about three tons of pellets per year to supply up to 90 percent of its heating needs. The average cost of that amount of fuel for a pellet-burning fireplace is currently about $750.00 as opposed to over $3000.00 for heating oil, and an astronomical $9500.00 for natural gas.

The arguments over pellet vs wood stoves and their pros and cons will keep agitating minds and no doubts pellet stoves have many advantages in efficiency and cleanness, but nothing can beat the cost of the wood burning stoves if you have easy access to fire wood.

Making decision is very important process and having a choice to look at both sides can be a big part in making the right decision. Have a look at both pellet and wood stoves and make your decision wisely.


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The Benefits of Wood Burning and Multifuel Stoves
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